Dancing With the Stars’ Heather Mills sprung into action when the entertainment system died on a LA to London flight.  With her Dancing With the Stars’ partner Jonathan Roberts in tow, the former Mrs. Paul McCartney took it upon herself to dance everybody’s blues away.   Instead, the grumpy passengers gave her performance straight zeros across the board.

Mills was on her way back to London for a little respite before jumping back into training for the next week when the entertainment system broke down.  A Virgin spokesman was quick to point out that the dance number was strictly Mills’ idea, and was not sanctioned by the airline.

Mills and Roberts did a roaming version of the fox trot touring through all sections of the flight.  The thanks they get?  Blank stares.  Apparently, Mills’ fellow passengers were just too ticked off that the TV was out to really care about any live entertainment.   One passenger reported, “We weren’t in a good frame of mind because of the broken entertainment system. When the dance routine, which moved from first-class to economy, finished, no one clapped because we were all in such a bad mood.”

Mills has received lack luster reviews as of late with audiences favoring her for an cut.  Last week marked Mills first misstep on the competition.  In case you didn’t know, the courageous Ms. Mills competes with a prosthetic limb and is the first to do so in Dancing With the Stars history.  She is also quick to point out that she is competing strictly for charity.  (The rest are doing it for the money, greedy oafs.)

As if Virgin’s hastiness to disavow themselves from Mills’ impromptu set were not enough, the airline was anxious to get on record with the fact that the passengers – despite Mills’ attempts – were compensated for the lack of entertainment on the flight.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
– Source LondonNet, UK
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