Only six episodes remain of LOST season three and fans are as excited as ever to see where the LOST team is going to take them.

Will the secret behind the others be revealed?  Is there more to Locke’s father than meets the eye?  Will Desmond’s beloved Penny show up to rescue them all?  

Read on for spoilers and speculation leading right up to the shocking conclusion of LOST season three!

3.18 – D.O.C

D.O.C stands for ‘Date of Conception’, in the context of this episode it is the D.O.C of Sun’s baby that is in question.  If the baby was conceived off the island, she will be fine, but the baby also will not be Jin’s.   If the baby was conceived on the island, there could be grave consequences for Sun.

Meanwhile, a distress flare will bring an unlikely visitor to Jin, Hurley, Charlie, and Desmond when Mr. Eyepatch himself, Mikhail, arrives.  Will the mysterious Patchy be friend or foe?  Will the mysterious parachutist survive?  How did Mikhail survive his experience with ‘the fence’?

3.19 – The Brig

Locke breaks away from the others and covertly drafts Sawyer to help him get rid of a ‘mutual problem’.

This episode features flashbacks that reveal just why Locke decided to cut ties with ‘The Others’.  Locke is shocked to find that Ben has been healed after the others journey to an ancient monument.   Did Ben ever really need Jack after all?

The parachutist gives the survivors some chilling information about Oceanic Flight 815, but can she be believed?

3.20 – The Man Behind the Curtain

After failing to secure Locke, Ben must face the wrath of the mysterious Jacob.  Flashback’s this time belong to Ben himself, or do they?  We journey back to the days of Dharma to find some familiar faces that do not belong.

3.21 – The Greatest Hits

Not much is known about this episode, yet, other than it is Charlie centric.  Dominic Monaghan has stated that Charlie is tortured in this episode and to escape the pain he withdraws into himself to write a song.  The song may appear again, in a different form, before the end of the season.

3.22/23 – Through The Looking Glass

An epic confrontation will take place between The Others and The Oceanic 815r’s that will echo a previous occurrence on the island.  Among the known spoilers:

  • Episode is Jack Centric.
  • Reveals a shocking secret from Jack’s past.
  • A MAJOR character will die (who is not Charlie).
  • Jack and Locke will have a long awaited confrontation.

The rumors surrounding the episode range from enticing to ludicrous.

  • The survivors divide, half believing Locke has betrayed them, half believing Locke is acting for the greater good.
  • Kate finds herself divided between Jack and Sawyer.
  • Jack’s father will appear on the island.
  • A new enemy will emerge to threaten the survivors.
  • The ‘Major’ death will be either Jack, Kate, Sawyer, or Locke.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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