Game over.  They did it.  The Donatos did it.  If our BuddyTV user comments are any indication, most Big Brother fans are devastated by tonight’s result.  The Donatos are hated, despised, and constantly railed upon in the Big Brother online world.  There are complaints of cheating, some fans have wanted Dick banished from the game for his “tactics”.  Daniele has been called a vapid whiner.  I’m sorry, everyone.  The Donatos just shoved it in your face.  What they did worked.  There was some luck involved, of course, but there’s going to be some luck involved with any Big Brother champion.  The fact is, the Donatos, with a target on their back from day one, vanquished the competition in a decided fashion.  Tonight’s show was, essentially, the finale.  I don’t know what they’re going to show on Sunday’s episode, but whatever it is, you can assume it’ll be boring.  Anyway, here’s how tonight’s episode got us to where we are now.

Part 1

What can you say about the most epic Big Brother competition I’ve ever seen?  Dick and Zach battled it out for over seven hours, shivering cold, numb, bitter, stupid, and in the end Daniele had to give her father permission to step down.  He wasn’t going to do it otherwise.  The rabbit that the players were supposed to jump over broke directly under Daniele, essentially kicking her out of the competition.  There would be cries of unfairness if it wasn’t perfectly clear that Daniele wasn’t going to outlast either of the men.  Dick and Zach were incredible in this competition.  It was inspiring to watch, almost, and it was a testament to both of their mental strength.  Zach did come out on top, which he needed to do.  He moved directly to part three of the HoH.

Jury House Interlude

The main thing we learn from our second venture to the jury house is that Jessica and Eric have been, you know, making whoopee.  It’s keeping Dustin up at night.  And, to that I say “Good work, Eric.  The good guys do win sometimes.”  No one is happy when Jameka shows up to the jury house.  Everyone is rooting against the Donatos.  Eric, though, is not surprised, nor should he be.  Jameka was the expected evictee.  They watch the tape from the house and everyone likes Zach’s speech when he puts up Dick and Daniele.  Other than that, everything at the jury house seems hopelessly staged, which makes sense.  (By the way, I was discussing this with my buddy: Don’t you think it’s almost certain that Eric has told Jessica that he was America’s Player.  The cameras are off them most of the time, so he can’t be stopped from telling her.  Just a thought.)

Part 2

Dick vs. Daniele.  Surprisingly, they decide to both compete in the competition and not have one of them throw it.  Big Brother makes a shrewd move by making part two a timed competition where Dick and Daniele compete one at a time without the other watching.  The competition involves two tanks of water.  Inside one large tanks are pictures of everyone who has won HoH.  There are square pieces with lines on them in the tank also that the player has to put in the right spot to display the order in which the houseguests won their HoH.  Kind of like one of those stupid Family Circus cartoons.  Dick finishes in twelve minutes, Dani in 24.  Dick to the finals.

The Main Event 

It was impossible for Big Brother to come up with a live HoH final competition that wasn’t anti-climactic.  Zach and Dick are seated next to each other, separated by a wall and Julie asks question based on statements jury members made while at the jury house.  Julie says the beginning of a statement and then gives two options for how they finished the statement.  Dick and Zach put up a card that says “A” or “B”.  A very simple competition.  Julie asks six questions.  Dick gets the first question right, Zach gets it wrong and after that they answer exactly the same for the next five questions.  Dick wins it.  After a commercial break, Dick excitedly evicts Zach and that is that. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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