In the continuing saga, legal and otherwise, of Nicolette Sheridan versus Marc Cherry, the disgruntled former Desperate Housewives star has found an ally in a former staff of the ABC show who tells The Daily Beast that the creator, who sports a jolly and witty public image, is in reality someone who hates women.

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“It’s apparent on set that he’s a fan of cute, gay men, not women,” says the source. “He will dress you down in front of the staff. He will assault an idea. He is very confrontational in this way. He has hissy fits.”

A producer, meanwhile, has come to Cherry’s defense and argues that he’s just “extremely passionate.” Still talking to The Daily Beast, the source adds, “Like so many executive showrunners, there is a strength and leadership… Marc has a very clear vision of what he wants. He’s not a saint, but he’s not a monster.”

Sheridan, whose blonde bombshell character Edie was killed off last season on Desperate Housewives, sued Cherry last week for assault and wrongful termination. In her lawsuit, she claimed that Cherry hit her in the face in September 2008 on the show’s set.

The text of the complaint is as follows: “On September 24, 2008, during a rehearsal for the show, when Sheridan questioned Cherry about something that was in the script, Cherry took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head.”

It’s been noted that of the 39 writer-producers on Desperate Housewives since its 2004 debut, only 14 are women, many of which were short-lived. Saturday Night Live alumnus Julia Sweeney, for instance, left after half a season.

Coming to Cherry’s defense, both Eva Longoria-Parker and Dana Delaney deny that the Desperate Housewives set is by any means “hostile.”

“All I know is I’ve had a great time on Wisteria Lane.” Delaney tells ET, while Longoria-Parker says that the “we don’t have a hostile set, and Marc’s really nice, and Nicolette’s a nice girl, too,”

Sheridan and co-star Teri Hatcher are reportedly the most outspoken members of the Desperate Housewives cast when it comes to something in the script that are not to their liking.

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