The Lost season 5 information dispensers are difficult to get a handle on.  New spoiler-y info is notoriously difficult to find when it comes to Lost, and sometimes the things we think are true, end up being anything but.  Lost season 5 is still months away, but we know some things, and one big one.  It’s something we’d already suspected about Lost season 5, but now we have a rock solid confirmation from the actual cast member in question.  You probably have already guessed who I am speaking of, and I’m not sure how big of a spoiler this is, but you might as well be safe than sorry when it comes to risking the vitriol of Lost fans.  So…


Emile de Ravin will not be appearing at all in the Lost season 5.  I know – not a huge Lost season 5 spoiler – but it’s finally been confirmed by de Ravin herself.  Check out the video below.

That’s fairly definitive.  She won’t be back until season 6 of Lost, which is pretty much in line with what we’ve all been hearing for awhile now.  Now, granted, if the Lost writers decide they could use Claire at some point in season 5, De Ravin will be on a plane to Hawaii in no time.  Where Claire fits in is going to be the real question moving forward.  In Lost season 5, there’s really no place for Claire – the season is going to focus, mostly, on the Oceanic 6 returning to the island. 

Claire is probably dead, although de Ravin denies this in the above video.  Perhaps she’s in some kind of island limbo, but whatever it is, we won’t find out until after Lost season 5.  De Ravin is set to return to Lost at the beginning of season 6, but even then, I can’t imagine that the current incarnation of Claire will have all that much to do. 

– Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TVGuide
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Oscar Dahl

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