Big Brother 10 was a joint effort.  Everyone has been so quick to call Dan the sole mastermind of the season, but he really couldn’t have done it without Memphis’s steady hand there at all times.  Dan might have used Memphis, in a way, as an means to and end, but it’s not like Memphis was a puppet either.  He put forth a great effort and almost won.  I wonder what would have happened had Memphis attempted to turn on Dan near the end of the game and tried to take either Keesha or Renny or Jerry to the final two with him.  In the second part of our interview, this was one of the many questions I asked Memphis about the Big Brother season.

Below you will find the written transcript as well as the full mp3 of the interview.

Exclusive Interview: Memphis, ‘Big Brother 10’ Runner-Up, Part 1

When did you suspect that Dan might be tough to beat in a final vote?  And, if you thought that, did you ever think about maybe switching it up, maybe trying to get him out of the game?

No, not really.  I never really thought that far ahead, to be honest with you.  I tried to keep it at least by the week and I think that’s why I’m here.  I tried to just look at that week.  I tried to not think about the votes too much and maybe that was my downfall, but just trying to make it to the end.  Because I never thought, walking into the house, that I would have made it to the finals, it’s crazy.  No, me and Dan’s alliance and the Renegades – we were trying to stay strong and it never crossed my mind once to get rid of him.

Going back to the jury questions, would you have approached them differently if you had another chance and do you think that the outcome of the final vote could have been different if you had approached it in a different manner?

You know what, I think if I would have had maybe a little bit more time and…how the whole jury questions played out, if I had just a little bit more time to explain myself then it might have turned out a little different.  The thing is, that’s not really how the game’s played.  My straight forward strategy, trying to be honest as possible, if I could have explained myself to everybody and explained every single situation, yeah, it might have helped me out.  But the thing is, that’s not how the game is played.  I don’t get that opportunity to explain.  Hopefully, the jury and everyone else in the cast can watch the tapes and be like “Yeah, Memphis played a pretty straight forward honest game.”  As long as they get that out of it, I’ll be OK.

Now that we are where we are and you came in second, do you think that if you had the chance again you’d try to keep Keesha around, maybe take her, or take Jerry to the final two, or are you pretty happy with it all?

I’m pretty happy with the outcome of the game.  W.thout Dan I wouldn’t have made it as far as I did.  I think he feels the same.  It’s hard to win this game.  The thing is, we were trying to secure each other to make it to the final.  We weren’t securing each other to win.  It’s definitely a team effort and something I don’t think I’ve seen anybody else pull it off.

Looking back at the whole season, what do you think your most underrated or unsung tactical move was?

I think one big thing would definitely be winning the PoV and taking Dan off the block and getting rid of Renny.  I think it was a huge move.  It obviously…I stuck my neck out there to get Dan off.  It wasn’t just the fact to get Dan off, it was just the fact that I needed Renny out of the house for my sake with Keesha and with Jerry.  I always thought if it was Jerry and Renny and myself, being a young person, they wouldn’t take a young person, you know what I mean?  So, I needed Renny out.  I think that was a huge move by me.  And, definitely the fourth week, trying to get the swing vote for the whole house.  Nobody wanted Jessie, really, to go.  Cause the whole house was hell bent on me leaving.  It took a little work to get everybody behind me.

Have you heard anything since you left the house last night from anyone who watched the season or watched the live feeds that you found surprising or anything you didn’t know about the season?

Man, I didn’t know about the whole April-Ollie stuff, all those shenanigans. Man, it was surprising to me.  I thought they might have had a little more class.  I guess I was way off on that one. 

Alright, Memphis.  What do you have planned for the near future?  The long term? Any goals, anything you have in mind?

Ah man, yeah.  We’re working on Renegade gear right now, man.  There’s a lot of stuff in the works already.  That’ll be coming out soon.  I’m going to get back working with the company I worked for, ASB Entertainment, which is an amazing company here in LA.  I’ve got a couple other adventures that I’m going to be doing, a couple of trips that I’m going to be taking.  I’m going to try and ease my way back into society.  I’m excited to be out, I’m excited to be back to my life and stuff.  You’ll definitely here from me some more, for sure.

Alright Memphis, I appreciate you taking the time.

Alright, man. 

See ya.


-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
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