Lost is only a couple of months from returning and, frankly, these Mobisodes aren’t really doing it for me.  I enjoyed the last two week’s episodes, but this week didn’t bring any new information, at least nothing I could tell.  Juliet is one of the two main participants for the second week in a row.  Perhaps we’re supposed to read something into that.  The mobisode is entitled “Operation: Sleeper” and it takes place between last season’s episodes D.O.C. And The Brig.  Maybe I’m just so antsy for the upcoming season that all these Missing Pieces are doing for me is making me count down the days until the premiere.  Aside from the main conversation, there were a couple of maybe-significant bits of dialogue from Juliet.

Juliet wakes up Jack in the middle of the night, and tells him to be quiet.  She tells Jack that everyone has been suspicious of her in camp, especially Sayid and Sawyer.  She continues that they’re right, and that she is still working for Ben.  Jack is taken aback by this, clearly, and expresses his dismay – he thought she was one of them now.  Juliet says that she is there at camp to see which of the women are pregnant and that then they will take the pregnant women.  Ben promised her none would be hurt.  Juliet says it was naïve of her to believe that Ben would let them leave the island.  Jack responds, saying it was Locke who blew up the submarine.  Juliet counters, “Did he?”  Then, after Jack asks why she’s telling him all this now, Juliet ends the Mobisode with this line: “Last night with Sun, we saw the baby growing inside her. If she’s still on this island in about a month, both of them will be dead. I’ve been living Benjamin Linus’s dream for three years. Three years. It’s time to wake up.”

Pretty chilling final line.  I always like what Juliet brings to the table, but this was a scene that we all knew took place.  The Lost writers are simply filling the gaps, and the scene as a whole serves little purpose as an addition to the actual Lost episodes.  But, there are few cool things.  That Sun’s pregnancy was the definitive turning point in Juliet’s change of mind, and that Juliet assumes Ben orchestrated the submarine explosion are both nice character wrinkles for Juliet. 

Am I missing anything here? 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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