Many viewers of America’s Most Smartest Model thought the show was no contest. Daniel Schuman seemed to be an obvious pick for a likely win. Not only did he have modeling experience, but he’s also in the process of pursuing his doctorate in psychology.

Despite these qualifications, however, he was eliminated in the seventh episode of America’s Most Smartest Model. Since then, he’s had a lot to say about the other contestants and one of the judges of the show, Mary Alice Stephenson.

Daniel is obviously feeling quite betrayed by the actions of Brett Novak and Jeff Pickel. He said to VH1’s blog, “It actually really upset me. I’ve kept in touch with them after the show and I didn’t realize how fake they are. That to me, it just showed me their true colors that they’re really very Hollywood.”

But that’s not the only negative opinion he’s come to form about them. He also went on to say about their dealings with Andre Birleanu, “I actually think they’re dumb, to be honest, because Andre was an aggressive, unsafe individual. For them to actually go into cahoots with the dumbest person in the house who is kind of a terrorizing force on the house, it was slightly disturbing for me.”

Like many of the eliminated models from America’s Most Smartest Model, he doesn’t have a heck of a lot of good things to say about judge Mary Alice Stephenson.

“I don’t resent Mary Alice [but] I’m disappointed in Mary Alice. I feel that she contradicted herself so often that it made her invalid, in my opinion, as a judge. I lost respect for her based on the way that she vacillated back and forth between, ‘Sure it’s good to manipulate,’ and, ‘No, we want you to be friends.’ I don’t resent her, I don’t feel like she shoulda been a judge. That she was somebody who unfortunately didn’t have the background in order to be a successful judge.”

And last but not least, he also has a few additional observations about Andre. “I think he’s got kind of a Napoleon complex, because he’s short and especially as a model he’s very short. Like I’m 6′1″ and usually models are between 6’1” and 6’2”. He has modeled and had to face that a lot like, ‘Oh you’re too short. We’re not sure if we’re gonna use you.’ I actually don’t hate him. I kind of more feel sorry for him ’cause I think he’s a very insecure individual that needs to try and prove himself.”

It’s not all venting, though, as Daniel notes he bonded with some of the women, and notes that Mandy Lynn “is actually a super cool individual and very genuine.”

So what is Daniel doing now that he has moved on from the show? He is now facing the even more daunting work of completing his dissertation for his Ph.D., a task no doubt just slightly more daunting than simultaneous runway walking and talking

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1 Blog
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