Now, that’s more like it.  Maybe it’s just that any conversation with Ben Linus involved inherently has more gravitas, but this latest Lost mobisode is the best yet.  We’ve had two winners in a row now after that first, relatively useless first Missing Pieces installment between Jack and his father.  “King of the Castle” takes place soon before Jack is scheduled to go home on the submarine.  He and Ben have a cryptic (can Ben converse any other way?) discussion over a nice game of chess. 

Ben is happy to have someone with some skill to play chess against.  Jack says that his father taught him how to play, but he hasn’t really played in a long time.  Ben tries to see if Jack has any interest in staying on the island.  Jack is adamant about leaving – there’s nothing Ben can say to change that.  Ben says he intends to do his best to keep their agreement.  Jack takes offense to Ben’s use of the word “intend.”  What could happen?  Ben says that it’s not really up to him whether Jack leaves on the submarine – if the island wants Jack to stay on the island, Jack will stay on the island.  Jack asks if the island can blow up the submarine.  Ben says no, and assures him that he’ll do his best to stay true to their deal.  Ben tells Jack that there may be a time when he’ll want to come back to the island.  Jack says “never.”  Ben says that if he ever does, Jack should remember this conversation.  Ben gets check mate on Jack. 

It’s a testament to Matthew Fox and Michael Emerson’s acting abilities that this mobisode is so intense.  Any conversation with Ben has loads of tension and mystery, and this was no exception.  It’s a nice window into both Ben and Jack’s mind frame regarding Jack’s imminent departure.  Jack is not having any second thoughts and Ben wants Jack to stay – and also suspects that the island feels the same way.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: DarkUFO
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Oscar Dahl

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