If you’re a regular subscriber to Entertainment Weekly you know that they love to devote their magazine to big Lost stories whenever possible.  That’s why it comes as no surprise that their latest cover features Matthew Fox, who gave the magazine an in-depth interview where he discussed what fans can expect from season 4 of the sci-fi series.  However, the actor divulged that he couldn’t reveal too many secrets of the island, joking that, “a truck might pull up and a bunch of dudes in suits [will] get out and mow us down with Uzis.  Seriously.”

The secret that has Matthew Fox fearing for his life is why Jack wanted to throw himself off a bridge in the season 3 finale.  “Jack gets people off that island, [and] suddenly he and the other people are very well-known — it becomes this massive story because everybody thought that every person on this plane was lost,” he says.  “Jack’s mission was to get all of them off.  It’s the overriding force behind him.  So, the fact that he ends up getting off and doesn’t get that accomplished — I’m very curious to find out how that all goes down.  And part of that is going to be part of the reason why he wanted to jump off the bridge in the future…. If I start giving you words about what I think it’s really about, I’m going to be honing in on some stuff that I’m not sure I’m authorized to talk about.”

One thing he is authorized to talk about is the fact that, after getting off the island, the castaways are forced to lie to the rest of the world about their experience.  “Jack and the other people, upon getting back to the world, are not being honest with the world,” Fox says.  “They are covering up [something].  That’s an agreement that they’ve all reached.  And it’s a weird, gross little bond that they have with each other.  They don’t see each other much, but when they see each other, it’s incredibly awkward.  And this lie — you can cut it with a knife amongst them.”

One moment that left fans debating all year was the scene in the season 3 finale where Jack referred to his dad as if he were still alive.  This lead to much speculation as to whether Christian Shephard was as dead as we all thought he was, but Fox confirms that Jack’s statement was based purely out of emotional distress.  “He was so loaded and emotionally distraught that he talks about his father as if he’s still alive.  In that moment, Jack is losing track of any concept of time.  I knew that there was a way to look at it and go, ‘Well, that’s kind of manipulative.’  But when you [realize], ‘Oh, it’s in the future,’ you can believe that the man — years after his father has actually passed away — says that about his father in that moment.  I totally buy it.”

One of the other big mysteries from the finale was who was in the casket at the funeral Jack attended.  Fox says, “It hasn’t been revealed yet.  I’m pretty sure I know who it is, but I’m not 100 percent sure.  I remember saying to Damon [Lindelof], ‘I can play that scene without knowing.’  But I wanted to know.  And I got an answer.  I’m not sure that the answer that I got will end up being who’s in the casket.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing Fox mentions in the interview is his confirmation that season 4 will deal more with time travel and supernatural elements on the island.  “Last year, we find out Jack and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) are off the island.  How the f— did that happen?  And why does he want to go back?  In answering those questions, you have to start addressing the bigger, epic scope of the show.  In doing that, you’re going to get into questions about the show that the audience is just dying to start finding out.  What is this island? Where is this island?  When is this island?”

Though Fox admits that he thinks it’s good for the show to have a definitive ending planned after 48 more episodes, he admits that he’s going to miss the good doctor when it’s all over.  “The beautiful thing about Lost is that even though I’m playing Jack Shephard, I get all these new things to do with him,” Fox says.  “It’s not like playing Charlie Salinger on Party of Five.  It was tough to play that same character for six years because I don’t think I got to evolve that character and play new elements of him and have him be as many different things as Jack Shephard can be.”

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: EW.com
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