The preeminent LOST podcast “Jay and Jack’s Lost Podcast” is holding it’s second annual “Hugo Cup” award.  The contest is described as a by the fans, for the fans ‘just for fun’ venture designed to recognize those por souls who spend countless hours tracking down clues, dissecting various theories, and keeping LOST fans in the loop for the latest LOST news and Spoilers.  Jay and Jack themselves have risen to celebrity status amongst LOST fans, and their casual and good natured ramblings have become a regular haunt for Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on LOST, who frequently calls to check in with fans and share his insight.

The nominations were the result of an arduous judging cycle in which literally hundreds of LOST fansites were considered.  The final choices? One of the oldest and biggest LOST Websites, full of high quality pictures, videos, and much more from our favorite show. It is also the big sister site to

Lost Pedia: The biggest wiki resource on LOST. If there is something you want to know about LOST this place will more than likely have it.

Sledgeweb’s LOST Stuff: A one stop shop for all things LOST. A place for great Easter Egg analysis, original articles, and much more.

Dark Ufo A huge LOST site with the latest News, Great Spoiler coverage, Easter Egg analysis, and all other happenings in the LOST world.  DarkUFO has been some what of a legend in the LOST spoiler world, often being first.

The Tailsection: The Latest LOST news, always freshly updated, and some of the best original written articles about our favorite show.   We can’t add much more to their description without showing favoritism, since I kinda know that guy that runs that place.

Voting will run for one week with the winner to be announced just prior to LOST’s season finale.  The winner not only gets the recognition of fans everywhere, they also get a snazzy trophy.

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