American Idol scandal magnet Antonella Barba, and current contestant Blake Lewis, may have a little love connection going on according to People magazine.  Apparently, last week Blake closed his American Idol performance by blowing Antonella, who was in the audience, a kiss that she caught and returned.  Antonella was an infamous flirt amongst the contestants, could that flirting have grown into something a little bigger?
Various gossip blogs had previously connected the infamous Antonella with Justin Timberlake-esque Chris Richardson who was eliminated late week.  There was never as much as a blown kiss to substantiate that, not that a blown kiss is much evidence of anything anyways but at least it gives us something to talk about.

Apparently, when Antonella blew a kiss back at Blake he caught it and held it close to his heart, and thus the rumor mill found fuel for yet another week.  Moreover, in case you’re wondering, no, Sanjaya was not present.

Antonella made headlines when some wet t-shirt pics circulated around the web shortly after she made her television debut.  Immediately memories of the Frenchie Davis incident sprang to public consciousness, but alas Antonella was allowed to expire on the merits of her own bad singing.

Antonella was coaxed into a hosting position by ‘Girls Gone Wild’ producer Joe Francis, which included a sizable paycheck, but has yet to act on the offer. 

It is not unusual for recently ejected contestants to show up in American Idol’s audience, some would say it is a pretty typical event from season to season, so there is a good chance the flirtatious exchange was no more indicative of a romance than the various other incidents between Barba and other contestants while she was still on the show.

–  Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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