Easter eggs from this episode of Lost.

#17 108 Degrees

Jacob ordered Hurley to set the dial in the lighthouse to 108 degrees, the sum of the Numbers. The dial was a freeze framer’s paradise. At 108 was the name “Wallace,” an as yet unknown name that was crossed out.

#16 20: Rousseau

On the dial, this could refer to Danielle Rousseau.

#15 51: Austen

On the dial, this could refer to Austen. Unlike all the other names (except the Candidates) her name is not crossed off.

#14 104: Lewis

On the dial, this could refer to Charlotte Lewis.

#13 109: Friendly

On the dial, this could refer to Tom Friendly.

#12 117: Linus

On the dial, this could refer to Ben Linus.

#11 124: Dawson

On the dial, this could refer to Michael Dawson.

#10 The Other Numbers on the Dial

It is likely all the Numbers on the dial and the corresponding names refer to characters who have been on the Island at some point. For a comprehensive list, Visit Lostpedia.

#9 The Pagoda

While running through the dial, Jack sees images of a pagoda in the mirror. This is the pagoda where Jin and Sun were married, the place Jacob visited them.

#8 The Church

While running through the dial, Jack sees images of a church in the mirrors. This is the church where Sawyer’s parents were buried, the place Jacob visited him.

#7 The Shephard House

When the dial turns to Jack’s number, 23, it shows Jack’s childhood home. Oddly, this is NOT where we saw Jacob visit him, possibly suggesting that there’s something special about Jack, or that the number 23 belongs to a different Shephard, maybe his dad Christian.

#6 MacCutcheon

On the liquor table in Jack’s dad’s house, there was a bottle of MacCutcheon whiskey. This is the drink of choice for Charles Widmore and Anthony Cooper (Locke’s dad).

#5 “Fantasie-Impromptu”

On David’s desk in the altverse was the sheet music to Frederic Chopin’s “Fantasie-Impromptu.” This is the same song young Daniel Faraday was seen practicing in “The Variable.”

#4 The Annotated Alice

Alice in Wonderland is often used on Lost surrounding Jack, either with the titles of Jack-centric episodes (“White Rabbit,” “Through the Looking Glass”) or when he was shown reading it to Aaron the same way he claims he read it to his son David in the altverse.

#3 Stone Rabbit

Jack found the key to David’s mom’s house under a stone rabbit. Not only do rabbits frequently appear on Lost, but a similar stone rabbit with a key was previously found by Miles in a flashback when he used it to enter the apartment of a recently deceased man named Mr. Vonner.

#2 Jack’s Appendix

In the regular timeline, Jack’s appendix was removed on the Island, but in the altverse, Jack seemingly forgot that he had his removed when he was 7.

#1 Adam and Eve

While at the caves, Hurley theorized that the skeletons were actually Hurley and Jack if they time traveled back to dinosaur times. Since the skeletons were first discovered in season 1, this has been a popular theory among fans on the Internet.

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