Easter eggs for this episode of Lost.

#19 Speaking Latin

Claudia and the mysterious woman on the Island speak fluently in Latin when they first meet, suggesting it is Claudia’s native tongue. Latin fell out of popular use after the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century and was largely out of common everyday use a few centuries later, suggesting that the events of this episode most likely took place long, long before Richard Alpert came to the Island.

#18 Pregnant Women

Claudia is the third woman brought to the Island in the very late stages of her pregnancy, following Danielle Rousseau and Claire, possibly suggesting that pregnancy and new life is something that is naturally drawn to the Island.

#17 Black and White Swaddling

Black and white are often used to show opposites and the duality on the show, which was exhibited when Jacob was wrapped in white swaddling and his unnamed twin brother was wrapped in black. The boys continued to dress in these two colors throughout their lives.

#16 Bad Twin

The book written by Gary Troup (one of the survivors on Oceanic 815) was titled Bad Twin, and now that title has a deeper meaning since we learned the Man in Black was actually Jacob’s twin.

#15 Senet

The game the Boy in Black finds on the beach is Senet, one of the oldest known board games. It is originally ancient Egyptian and because of the luck involved to win, it was often placed with people in their graves to help with the journey through the afterlife.

#14 Black and White Stones

Jacob and his twin brother play Senet using black and white stones, often featured on the show.

#13 Young Jacob

Young Jacob is played by Kenton Duty. He is the same mysterious boy in the jungle Flocke has seen several times in the present.

#12 Mother’s Tapestry

Jacob and his brother’s fake Mother weaves a tapestry at their camp. Jacob later adopted this skill as his own and wove tapestries while he stayed in the foot of the statue.

#11 Special

The Boy in Black’s Mother tells him that he’s “special” because he knows how to lie. Both Walt and John Locke are also repeatedly told that they are “special.”

#10 Never Hurt Each Other

The Mother tells Jacob and the Boy in Black that she’s made it so they can never hurt each other, possibly explaining why the Man in Black isn’t able to kill Jacob himself.

#9 Never Leave the Island

The Boy in Black’s mother tells him he will never be able to leave the Island. If she does have special powers as protector of the Island, then perhaps this is why Flocke can’t leave.

#8 “It Always Ends the Same”

The Mother tells Jacob and the Boy in Black about people by saying “They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.” This is the exact same thing the Man in Black tells Jacob in their scene at the start of the season 5 finale, “The Incident.”

#7 The Wells

In the present, the Man in Black told Desmond that an ancient civilization dug wells wherever they discovered magnetism, but that they learned nothing about how to leave. Part of the story was true, as the Man in Black reveals that he and his people dug the wells, but he apparently lied about their use since he discovered a way to leave the Island in them.

#6 The Donkey Wheel

The Man in Black explains his plan to install the donkey wheel to the opening of the Light of Life to power it and help him get off the Island. This is the origin of the frozen donkey wheel Ben pushed to move the Island, and the bright glowing lights shooting out of the cracks were the Light of Life.

#5 Never Die

After telling the Boy in Black that her own mother died, the Mother explains that this will never happened to him. While this is false as he does die at the end of the episode, she still may be able to make someone immortal, explaining why Jacob never ages after drinking the wine and why he’s able to make it so Richard never ages.

#4 The Man in Black’s Knife

The knife the Man in Black uses to kill his mother is most likely the same one the Man in Black would later give to Richard Alpert to try and kill Jacob, which was later given by Dogan to try and kill the Man in Black.

#3 The Smoke Monster

The Smoke Monster bursts out of the cave containing the Light of Life after the Man in Black goes in, suggesting that Smokey was somehow caused or came from the cave and contains the memories of him.

#2 The Real Man in Black

Since Jacob’s real brother died and his body is in the cave, it seems that every instance we’ve previously seen of the Man in Black was not actually Jacob’s brother, but the Smoke Monster, meaning he is no more Jacob’s brother than he is John Locke.

#1 Adam and Eve

Jacob lays his mother and brother in the cave after they’re dead and places the stones in a bag in their hands. As was shown, they then became Adam and Eve, the skeletons Jack and Kate originally discovered in the cave back at the start of season 1.

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