It was the Evil Dick show tonight on Big Brother.  I’ve gone on the record saying that I like Dick, think that he really is a good guy, but he does get to be a little grating sometimes.  A little Evil Dick goes a long way.  That being said, he makes for some compelling TV, and I’m sure that’s why CBS cast him.  Tonight was the Power of Veto episode, and the results were mildly surprising, but nothing crazy.  I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is a Big Brother recap.

We Get it, Dick, You Want Kail Gone

It must have happened 8,000 times this episode.  Dick verbally abuses Kail, telling her that she is the one being targeted and that she is going home on Thursday.  She gets it, Dick.  We get it.  For some reason, Dick needs to belabor the point over and over again, making Kail struggle to keep it together emotionally.  Dick is correct in everything he says, that Kail lied and was deceptive.  That’s how she though you were supposed to play the game.  She didn’t count on someone like Dick showing up and using honesty to punch you in the face.  It got uncomfortable by the end.  Kail was an emotional wreck through the episode but, to her credit, she kept it together.  But, literally, this is what most of the episode was tonight: Dick yelling at Kail, telling her that she is the one who will be evicted.

A Silly Little Tea Party

The Power of Veto players were Dick, Jen, Kail, Zach, Nick, and Jessica.  Kail was upset with the selected players, because she knew she was on her own.  No one up there would use the veto on her.  For the veto, the contestants all got to where silly Alice in Wonderland costumes.  They were mildly comical.  Eric was chosen as host, and was given a Mad Hatter costume.  Why?  Because the challenge was a Tea Party.  The backyard was set up in a Tea Party theme and each contestant had to stand on a small pedestal and balance a glass on top of a big hat they were given to wear.  Kail, so rattled by Dick’s verbal abuse, drops the glass off her head almost immediately.  After that, the non-playing houseguests entered the backyard in more silly costumes and were urged to jeer the players into dropping there glasses.  What followed was a mostly unfunny series of jeers.  Mike was the worst, attempting to make Dick laugh.  Finally, when it came down to only Dick and Jen remaining, Dick became annoyed by Mike’s loyalty to Kail and stepped off the pedestal on his own and told Mike that he was going to put him up in Jen’s place, since she won the PoV. 

A Little Too Much Evil Dick

More Dick and Daniele drama.  The typical stuff. Dick is paranoid and mystified by Daniele and Nick’s relationship, thinking that Nick’s using her and that he’s teaming up with Jen and Zach (not true).  Daniele later approaches Dick in the HoH room and tells him that he’s pissing everyone off, which certainly seems to be the case.  This is because of the yelling at Kail, the talking down to everyone.  What it really feels like, to me, is that Dick is just sleep-deprived and, as a result, very cranky.  Nonetheless, Dick and Daniele fight, don’t really make any ground, and both leave frustrated.  You can tell that both have good intentions, but share a familial stubbornness that it hard to break through.

Some Shirt Mustard

Eric’s America’s Player task for the episode was to vandalize a personal belonging of a fellow houseguest.  America chose Jen as the houseguest to vandalize, and it couldn’t have been more enjoyable to watch.  Very sneakily, Eric sprayed mustard all over one of Jen’s vanity shirts.  Jen was  relatively peeved when she discovered her shirt.  She accused a number of people, but Eric was never questioned.  Good stuff.

Mike’s Silent Loyalty

At the PoV ceremony, the obvious occurred.  Jen took herself off the block and Dick put mike up in her stead.  Mike has been very quiet all season, and is very loyal to Kail, although that loyalty will mean nothing come Thursday.  All signs point to a Kail elimination on Thursday.

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