A&E’s The Two Coreys is a new reality series that features actors Corey Feldman and Corey Haim living under one roof.   Although the two have been friends for a long time, one has taken a completely different path from the other.  Feldman is happily married and still acting, while Haim is single and still looking for the project that will signal his big comeback.

The two first met in 1987 on the set of the horror film, The Lost Boys, where they played a couple of young teens out to expose and destroy vampires feeding on their community.  They continued to co-star in several more movies, including Dream a Little Dream 1 and 2, License to Drive, Blown Away, Busted and National Lampoon’s Last Resort.  Their successful tandem gave them access to all the money, fame and women they could ever want, but all these quickly disappeared when they encountered personal setbacks.

After overcoming his drug addiction, Corey Feldman tried hard to re-establish his career, appearing in such productions as Bordello of Blood and Dweebs. In 1993, he divorced his first wife, Vanessa Marcil, and nine years later married Susie Sprague, with whom he has one son, Zen Scott.  Susie will also appear in The Two Coreys.

Corey Haim has tried his best to get himself back on Hollywood’s A-list, but over the past years, has only worked on several low budget and straight-to-video films.  On the upside, he finally managed to beat his drug addiction in 2004.  Now, he’s not only preoccupied with getting a worthy acting gig, he is also set on finding his one true love.

A seven-and-a-half-minute long preview for The Two Coreys has been posted on the A&E website.  The video shows Haim moving into Feldman’s “Feldmansion,” where he will be staying for a few weeks. Corey Feldman is optimistic about Haim’s visit, but Susie is skeptical and weary of her husband’s friend.  Meanwhile, Corey Haim is hopeful that the series will serve as a means for him and Feldman to reinvent their image.

The Two Coreys will premiere this Sunday at 9pm on A&E.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: A&E
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