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Oh, Wentworth Miller, how you toy with your legion of fans.  Mr. Miller, who has a rabid fan base (especially here at BuddyTV), has become known as something of a recluse or, at least, a person wary of any and all media attention.  So, it was semi-big news when it was announced that the cast of Prison Break would be making their first in-person appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  Tonight, you could feel the young females in the room squirm with excitement as the 24 panel ended and the stage was prepared for Prison Break.  Little did they know that intense disappointment was on its way.

First, the FOX/Prison Break representative went out and put down the placards for the panel.  There were the names you wanted to see: Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies and, most important of all, Wentworth Miller.  It was coming true, Wentworth fans felt, they were finally going to see him in person.  Then, they showed the first ten or so minutes of the fourth season premiere.  The crowd was lathered up and rarin’ to go.  Finally, the moment of truth; the cast and creative team arrived on stage.  There was executive producer Matt Olmstead, there was Sarah Wayne and Dominic and…that was it.  Wentworth Miller was nowhere to be seen, and the crowd lost its breath, a great many fans standing up and leaving the room the second that Olmstead said that Wentworth got stuck in LA shooting some pick-ups.  Hmm, does that seem dubious or what?


So, yeah, that was a letdown for fans.  But, there was other cool stuff.  The beginning of the season premiere was cool, and definitely sets up what will come in season 4.  Let’s just say that Michael begins the season in Los Angeles, having tracked Whistler to Los Angeles.  His priority: avenge Sarah’s death.  He goes to a party where Gretchen is doing some Company business, and through a series of events, is told by Gretchen (at gunpoint) that Sarah is not dead, that the whole thing was fixed.  The Company needed leverage. 

The main point of the panel, really, was to let us know that season 4 will revolve around Michael and Linc searching for Sarah and trying to figure out what has happened to her.  However, it was interesting to hear Callies say that Sarah and Michael will have a reunion of sorts before the end of the two-hour season premiere. 

A large theme is how two people, who had a prior relationship, can come back together after a serious trauma, after incredible drama, and relate to each other once again.  Parallels to the current war veterans coming home to their families are drawn.

Season 4 will definitely be a departure for the series, and there doesn’t look to be a prison involved, nor does it look like Michael and Linc are being pursued by anyone.  They are, if my assumptions are correct, the pursuers.  Prison Break fans may have been disappointed in Wentworth’s no-show, but they should only be excited for the upcoming season.

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