The best quotes from “Educated Guess” are below:

Recap: “Educated Guess”

Finn to Rollins about a supposed  ‘groper’: “It’s gettin’ cold. It’s hard to cop-a-feel through a heavy coat.”

Psych patient to the supposed victim: “Bad time?”

Victim (about Benson and Rollins): “No, not at all. Cagney and Lacey were just leaving.”

Victim, about her many suicide attempts: “I’m a frequent flyer. You’d think I’d get it right by now.”

Munch, to Rollins and Benson as they do paperwork: “Killin’ a lot of trees there. You people ever hear of computers?”

Psych patient to Amaro: “Don’t stand behind me!”

Suspect to Finn: “You know me Finn!”

Finn: “Not enough to like you.”

Munch to the suspect: “You better hope Bill Clinton is serving on your jury.”

Benson, comforting the victim: “I’ve been stabbed. I’ve been assaulted. And my gun didn’t save me.”

Victim, about her rapist: “In the real world, he’s sane and I’m not.”

That’s all for tonight’s episode, but join me in two (2!!) weeks for more of the best quotes from Law & Order: SVU.

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