The third season of The Hills already began last night, but the feud between co-stars and former best friends Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad is as heated as ever.  Recently, Conrad explained in an interview that although their fight had stemmed from Montag’s relationship with Spencer Pratt, her discontent with Montag has now reached a more personal level.

“I think the feud is beyond Spencer,” Conrad said in the August 13 issue of Us Weekly.  “At this point, Heidi has just done too much to me that I don’t need a friend like that.”

In the second season finale of The Hills, which aired last April, Heidi Montag moved out of the apartment she had been sharing with Lauren Conrad in order to live with Pratt.  Since then, the two stars have not directly spoken to each other.

“I made a decision to speak my piece to Heidi about him,” Conrad told Us Weekly.  “I had endured a really bad relationship the year before [with Jason Wahler] and I didn’t want to see her go through what I did.  But I knew once I said that stuff about her boyfriend, it was going to change everything.”

Conrad’s disdain over Montag and Pratt’s ongoing romance has also made her indifferent to the couple’s recent engagement.

“I didn’t have a reaction to the engagement,” Lauren Conrad said.  “I wasn’t too concerned with it.”

Despite all the animosity, which will undoubtedly create more drama on The Hills, and Conrad’s belief that Montag and Pratt were the ones who told the media about a sex tape featuring her and Wahler, Conrad claims she does not plan on getting even.

“I don’t care about revenge,” she said.  “I don’t worry about people who hurt me.  I care more about myself.  The best way to deal with someone who’s treating you that way is not to pay attention.”

Conrad also said that in spite of what has happened between her and Heidi Montag, she still enjoys doing the show.

“Even with everything that went on during the second season, I had so much fun doing it,” Conrad said.  “I was actually looking forward to doing the third.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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