Longtime stage actress Emily Kuroda, known for her role on the defunct drama series, Gilmore Girls, is currently starring in Lodestone Theatre Ensemble’s production of Euripides’ classic play, The Trojan Women.  The play, translated by Kenneth Cavander, began its run early this month and will continue on until August 26 at the GTC Burbank inside George Izay Park.

Along with Emily Kuroda, actor Kelvin Han Yee (Lucky You, Dirt, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Bold and the Beautiful) also leads the Asian Pacific American cast.

“A big part of what Lodestone is about is to give our artists an opportunity to do the type of work they may not be able to do elsewhere,” Co-Artistic Director and AsianWeek columnist Philip W. Chung said.  “Where else would Asian Pacific American actors be allowed to play all the parts in a Greek tragedy written twenty-four centuries ago?”

The production is being helmed by veteran stage director Alberto Isaac, who chose the classic play because of its relevance to our current state of affairs.

“A play like The Trojan Women still has something to say to our modern society living in a time of war,” Isaac explained.  “It’s a play that maybe, in some small way, can still have an impact on a contemporary audience grappling with these similar issues.”

The play, a tragedy that follows the fates of the women of Troy following the city’s downfall, has been deemed by scholar Edith Hamilton as “the greatest piece of anti-war literature there is in the world.”

Aside from Kuroda, who played Mrs. Kim on Gilmore Girls, and Yee, the cast also includes Feodor Chin, Elpidio Ebuen, Vincent Gabucan, Junko Goda, Jayne Han, Elaine Kao, Jully Lee, Stephanie Lincoln, Molly Mickelson, Erin Quill, Janet Song, Angie Tsang and Juliet Wong.  Stephanie Chang and Nic Cha Kim serve as the play’s producers.

As a thespian, Emily Kuroda has received numerous recognitions, including several Drama-Logue Awards for her work on Ikebana, The Maids, Minimata, The Golden Gate and Visitors from Nagasaki.  As for her television work, her credits go beyond the CW’s Gilmore Girls, as she has appeared in many other series, including Six Feet Under, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, ER, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Division.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: AsianWeek
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