In case you haven’t heard, 24 has a new enemy this season.  In addition to fighting terrorists bent on the downfall of the United States, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) will be taking on the greenhouse effect.  That’s right, 24 will be battling global warming, more famously off screen, but definitely on-screen as well.

The word circulating now is that references to reducing carbon emissions on the show will be made when appropriate.  The question is, will there ever be an appropriate time? It seems that bringing up issues like global warming is an area where action/adventure television shows need to tread carefully.

All too often, incorporating issues of global conscious can become a study in the most forced writing of all.  When exactly is the ‘right’ time to make a statement?  Bauer refuses to get into the Hummer because of its ‘Carbon Emissions’ so he walks instead?  Eco terrorism would detract from the point altogether, so don’t expect that. Perhaps a subplot involving the presidents wrangling with a feuding Congress unable to reach common grounds on a clime protection plan?

The production itself will be battling global warming by giving location scouts more fuel-efficient vehicles, and using generators and large vehicles that burn bio-diesel products. While you have to appreciate the example, the actual impact outside of the social message is, of course, negligible.  Getting that hummer limo off the streets of Hollywood for a week would probably have a bigger impact.

It’s not that the topic is not important, and that 24 isn’t breaking ground in trying to raise awareness (particularly with an ultra conservative in their production crew), but implementing the message as part of the plot line seems like a move destined for the cheese mill, and at this point the last thing 24 needs is more cheese.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Hollywood Reporter
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