Last week, Moonlight fans witnessed an unexpected twist to the Mick-Beth-Josh love triangle as Josh ended up at the hands of death in the episode “Love Lasts Forever.”  While the loss of a noble character may be heartbreaking, his absence on the show may positively shape the future for Mick and Beth.

Episode 11 centered on Josh working on the biggest case of his career, a conviction against a member of the most dangerous gang in the world.  In an attempt to force Josh to drop the case, the gang threatened Beth, but Josh refused to fold and asked Mick to protect her.  Unfortunately, Josh went out unguarded and was kidnapped and stuffed into a car. In the end, Josh was shot to death right before Beth’s eyes.  In attempt to save him, Beth desperately asked Mick to turn Josh into a vampire but Mick refused to do so.

Sophia Myles, who plays his girlfriend Beth Turner, always sensed that something had to be done with Josh and Beth’s jaded relationship.  However, she was surprised to know that producers would end up killing him off since she initially hoped that she would just break off their relationship, possibly to be with the charming detective Mick (Alex O’Loughlin), who struggles with his vampire nature and his feelings for the mortal Beth.

“I think she was just so desperate because there was so much unfinished business,” Myles said of her intention to turn Josh into an immortal being.  “She’d never quite been entirely honest with Josh, because she’s been having an emotional affair with Mick for the last God knows how many episodes really, hasn’t she?  So I think what it was that she just didn’t want him to die in that moment.”

Like the rest of the cast of Moonlight, Jordan Belfi, who portrayed Beth’s now deceased boyfriend Josh Lindsey, also finds his character’s death fitting to the plot of the supernatural series, though it means that he would have to part ways with a terrific ensemble.

“I think the episode is great. It’s taut, suspenseful, emotional, visually stunning, and altogether gripping…I think it’s the best episode so far.  All of the complexities of Beth and Josh’s relationship, Josh and Mick’s relationship, and Mick and Beth’s relationship that have been brewing the entire season come to a head.  It strikes the perfect balance between realism and the supernatural, action and drama, and the music, pacing, performances, and overall direction strikes the perfect emotional tone” Belfi told

Fans can catch the season finale of Moonlight tonight at 9pm on CBS.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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