Fans were thrilled when the first issue of the Official Supernatural Magazine hit shelves back in November, featuring interviews with creator Eric Kripke, actress Katie Cassidy, as well as an awesome spread about the Winchester boys.  On January 22 the second issue of the magazine will be in stores, and it promises to be jam packed with even more Supernatural goodness.  In fact, if you subscribe to the magazine now you’ll not only get six issues, but a U.S. map highlighting the show’s key locations, as well as 10 stickers featuring memorable monsters from the series.

Not only will the new issue of the magazine feature a section where Eric Kripke answers fan questions, but he also promises a bombshell regarding future developments in the series.  Other than that, the issue will feature an article on the history of shapeshifters, an exclusive poster featuring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, and a look back at the classic season 2 episode “Bloodlust.”

One of the best aspects of the Official Supernatural Magazine are the exclusive interviews they land.  This issue will feature a chat with Jared Padalecki where he reveals that he and Jensen Ackles hit it off immediately, as well as a sit down with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays John Winchester.  The actor will talk about why his character’s legacy lives on even after he sacrificed his life to save his son.

In addition to the interviews, fans can look forward to a “Tales from the Set” article that details what it’s like to spend a day behind the scenes of Supernatural.  The magazine will also kick off a feature entitled “The A-Z of Supernatural,” which will act as a handy guide to all of the wild and wonderful things in Sam and Dean’s world.

If you want to pick up the second issue of the Official Supernatural Magazine, I would recommend checking your local comic shop or bookstore.  If you’d like to subscribe and get your own map and some cool stickers, head on over to

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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