The Real Housewives of Miami is tanking in the ratings. How badly? It’s doing worse than The Real Housewives of DC. The premiere brought in only 1.21 million viewers, as opposed to DC’s 1.6. It’s not just the ratings, either, it seems like across the board viewers and critics agree that this series is just not doing it for them. So what gives? [Reality Tea]

Personally, something bothers me about the series but I can’t really put my finger on it. Is it that I don’t relate to Miami, having never lived anywhere near Florida? Is it just that the timing is off? That no one feels like watching a TV show about Miami before spring has even hit? Maybe it’s a revolt against bumping The Real Housewives of New York season 4 back. What is it?

The ingredients are all there, we’ve got wealthy ladies who lunch, starting cat fights and being bitchy in general. That’s all it takes, right? Maybe not. In the past, all the Real Housewives series have had Housewives that are at least somewhat relatable, and some who are laughable. Lisa Vanderpump always had the right witticisms, and we could even take Jill Zarin’s side at times. No one is more true to her delusions than Kim Zolciak, and no one is more delightful to watch when she’s losing it than Teresa Giudice. Are we just at our fill with Housewives?

The difference must be in the casting, right? Why else would we so readily welcome The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, then shun The Real Housewives of Miami? The only difference I can pinpoint is this: I kind of loved each Beverly Hills Housewife, and was able to sympathize with all of them, and I kind of hate all of the Miami Housewives. Marysol’s mother, Elsa, may not be enough to save the entire show.

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I have a lot of questions, and few answers. If you have any theories as to what is wrong with RHOM, please share them! Are you watching RHOM? If not, why not?

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