Ahhh, the problem with fame, or notoriety—a terrible, terrible backlash.

If there’s one thing that really fascinates me about the folks at Twilight, it’s the way they deal with sudden fame.  Admit it, despite having acted in other projects, most of the stars—especially Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—only got wide attention because of these films.  Or, to be exact, a terribly rabid and quite obsessive fan base.  So imagine the reaction of these people when news that Pattinson will show up at the Oscars went out.  “Goodness, he’s the beeest!” one probably said.  And then she’d wonder, “where the heck is Bella?”

Indeed, many were surprised to see Pattinson appear on the red carpet without Stewart in tow.  They were expecting the two to co-present, but no, it wasn’t the case.  Reporters spotted her father, John Stewart, and asked him why his daughter didn’t show up at the Oscars.  The answer was surprisingly honest: she will present at the Oscars “when it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.”

Sure, folks, you can read so many things with that.  Maybe her dad doesn’t like Twilight.  Or, maybe Kristen herself doesn’t like Twilight.  Remember the interview she did for Nylon magazine, with her talking about the “psychotic situations” and “bulls— questions” during promotion for the film?  Put two and two together, and part of that obsessive fan base are hating her for it.

For my part, well, I’ll only say this: oh-kaaaaay.

First off, if that is Stewart’s reasons for turning down the Oscars slot, then I perfectly understand her.  Actors have aspirations, just like everybody else.  Some want to be remembered as this big-name, big-bucks superstar, while some want to be remembered as a marvelous thespian that’s recognized by critics and audiences alike.  Perhaps she wants to feel recognized through other projects, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like Twilight.  Perhaps a jumping point.

Is she being ungrateful?  I’ve seen comments from angry fans, dismayed at her biting the hand that feeds her.  It’s inappropriate, they contend, to speak as such about something that’s propelled her to fame.  Err, courtesy and respect and all that.  Well, we haven’t heard from Kristen herself.  And if she doesn’t really like it, then perhaps she can just walk away now and look for other projects, hoping that her newfound star power will get her through.

Finally, why is Kristen in the middle of it all?  Pattinson says things, too, some of which may infuriate fans the same way Stewart (inadvertently) has.  I haven’t seen a backlash against Edward, or at least something like this.

My take is simple: let them deal with the fame. It’s too early, and you’re perhaps not used to seeing the answers you’re expecting them to say—which is, well, “I love the movie so, so much.”  I think they’ve said that before, too.  Fans, chill.  There is a world beyond Twilight, after all.

You might want to start talking to the haters to get a perspective.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV News
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Henrik Batallones

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