Bipolar. That’s how I would describe this season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Every week, it’s either high-energy hijinks or a chore to watch with no middle ground. Rebounding from its previous lackluster episode, tonight’s show highlights Kris and Bruce’s marital problems with crackling intensity.

The Jenners No Longer Have “More Than A Feeling”

Things start with Lance Bass and his boyfriend coming over for dinner with the Kardashians. Everyone’s barely out of shock from realizing it’s been over a decade since Tamagotchis ruled and “I Want You Back” topped the charts before the fighting starts. Khloe gets on Bruce and Kris for losing their romantic attraction to each other. Oh, don’t worry. That statement totally isn’t foreshadowing anything.

If I Were A Rich Man … Wait, That’s Right, I Am Rich!

Scott helps Rob continue househunting, and they finally find a home fitting Rob’s specifications. The only problem is it doesn’t fit his budget at $1.1 million. What a problem! God, if he got a home for under $1 million, he may come in contact with poor people. Knowing what slums houses worth $750,000 are, he moves back in with Khloe and Lamar.

The Scarlet Putter

Meanwhile, Bruce all but cheats on Kris when he meets supermodel Angie Everhart while golfing. Sexual tension instantly crackles between the two, and the two share a terribly improper hug lasting 25 seconds. Later, the two are seen actually having fun together, which is forbidden of married men. Shame on you, Bruce. Shame.

Too Small a House for Two Big Egos

Khloe’s equally awful to Rob, demanding he move his boxes that are left in the middle of her kitchen. Rob rightly tells her to shove off as he lives there too now. Khloe brings up some ridiculous excuse for her actions, like how Rob is staying in her house for free and needs to show respect. What madness is this?

However, the two make amends. Rob’s business manager recommends he pay Khloe some rent money, and she accepts the compromise. Oh, except by “pay Khloe,” they mean “deposit in,” and by “rent money,” I mean “Rob’s savings account.” Yeah, Rob’s paying himself rent. To live in Khloe’s house. This makes perfect sense.

The Spy Who Didn’t Love Me Anymore

When Kris gets jealous of Bruce’s new golfing partner, she takes the mature route for once. Acting like a perfect adult, she spies on his golf game with Angie. That’s much better than having an honest conversation over her feelings of jealousy and reaching a solution that way.

What’s even better? Right after that, she thinks about divorcing Bruce and meets with Todd Waterman. Yeah, the homewrecker who destroyed Kris’ last marriage. Of course, she’s perfectly justified in this because a friendly game of golf equals chatting with a man you cheated on your ex-husband with, right? Since things get interesting, of course it’s “to be continued.”

I really hate how the more melodramatic and ridiculous this show gets, the more I love it. This episode especially was like watching eight-year-old millionaires throwing temper tantrums, and it was wonderful. Hopefully next episode lives up to this one. Is Kris wrong for meeting with Todd? Was Bruce wrong for golfing with Angie? Comment and let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer

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Daniel Mikelonis

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV