It’s been 55 days since we last saw a new episode of Bones, and I for one would just like to congratulate all of you on making it this long.  I mean, really, no Booth and Bones or the Squints since February 4?  Yeah, definitely not a fan. 

But alas.  All the waiting finally came to an end last night as Bones aired its first new episode in what felt like forever, “The Bones on a Blue Line.”  And, I just have to say, I loved this episode!  It was a very satisfying blend of humor, romance, and sadness, and I think it was a very nice set-up for the momentous 100th episode airing on April 8 (6 days and counting, my friends). 

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Now, I have to admit that with all of the amazing character storylines going on in this episode, I found myself a little uninterested in the case itself.  I don’t exactly think it was the best case we’ve ever seen before, but for those of you who missed it, let me break it down for you.  

The episode begins with an earthquake in Washington, D.C.  that  causes a water main to break on the subway, thus unearthing human remains for Booth, Bones and the Squints Squad to identify. Thanks to a tooth found in the victim’s scapula which is part of a rare new procedure to help restore sight to the blind, the Squints are able to identify the victim as Martin Aragon. 

Turns out that Martin wrote all sorts of letters for a living with his business partner, Sophia Meade, and he even wrote love letters for a man named Colin Casey, the manager at the subway station, who had a thing for Officer McKenna Grant, the officer who showed Booth and Bones the skeleton.  Colin needed Martin’s services because Officer Grant was already dating someone else, a pawn shop owner named Eddie Ceraficki. 

Learning from Officer Grant that Eddie had quite a temper, Booth and Bones go pay him a visit.  There, they discover blue bullets, just like the ones they found traces of on the victim.  Looks like someone’s guilty!  Oh, but wait.  Eddie gave the gun used to shoot those bullets to Officer Grant for Valentine’s Day.  So, to quote Bones, “Gotcha dirtbag!” 

Officer Grant killed Martin because, according to her, he ruined her love life.  She broke up with Eddie because of the beautiful letters Colin wrote her, but once she found out he didn’t even write them, she got angry.  Eddie was a good man to her, and she realized that she should never have left him.  So, there’s the confession.  Case closed.  Now, let’s move on to my favorite parts of the episode!

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 This episode centered a lot on Sweets.  In the beginning of it, he had been riding on the subway when the earthquake hit and had just met a man named Marco who had learned he was cancer free after an eight-year battle with leukemia.  Marco was excited to have his life begin, but it was tragically ended when he hit his head on a pole after the subway had jumped its tracks and crashed. 

 This was exceptionally hard for Sweets to deal with, and it caused him to revaluate his entire life, even his relationship with Daisy.  After avoiding her for the entire episode, he finally went to talk to her, and I gotta say, I was worried for a while.  But hey, we all know they are meant to be together, and apparently Sweets realized this too as he got down on one knee and proposed to Daisy.  She, of course, accepted, so it looks like we now know who’s getting married before this season’s end.  Congratulations to the happy couple!

Now, another highly anticipated reveal for this episode was what was on page 187.  The answer?  Hodgins’ patented sex move.  We don’t find out what it is exactly, but we do find out that Angela has been helping Brennan write the steamy parts of her book.  Apparently, Brennan reads Angela her book, and Angela, while sipping a glass of wine, tells Brennan what she should add.  A little shocking I must say, but, when you think about it, we all know Bones is a little better with science than with personal relationships. 

Along the same lines, a Japanese reporter named Riku Iwanaga came all the way from Japan to interview Brennan about her new book, Bone of Contention.  All the questions she asks have to do with the relationship aspects of the book and if the characters mirror real life, and Brennan is upset by this as she thinks these are only the trivial parts of the book.  She doesn’t seem to realize that the relationship between Kathy and Andy and among the other characters in the book is mainly what keeps people buying.

Of course, Booth steps in to save the day, reassuring Bones and making her realize how important Angela is to her success.  Thus, she writes her a check giving her the 25% she feels she deserves.  How sweet of Bones, right?   She really is learning so much. 

So that’s about it for the 99th episode of Bones.  What did you think?  Did you like it?  Leave a comment below!  And be sure to tune in for the 100th episode of Bones, “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” on April 8. 

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-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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