I definitely wasn’t expecting that bit of information concerning the demise of Shaw’s wife. In short, Sarah is the person that shot her! Call it a soap opera twist, if you must, but I think tying Eve’s death to Sarah’s Red Test (which we saw in “Chuck Versus the Final Exam”) presents an interesting little conundrum for Shaw. He was getting quite smitten with Sarah (causing some tension in her could-be relationship with Chuck), but if Shaw’s crazy eyes at the end of the episode are any indication, his actions seem to be playing into whatever plans the Ring has up its sleeve.

I, for one, am glad the writers are finally going somewhere with Shaw after stringing us along with the Hannah storyline this season. Turn him into a vengeful husband or not, it’s better than inserting him into an unnecessary love triangle. I mean, as much as I love Brandon Routh, I just never saw much chemistry between Shaw and Sarah.

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Besides, when it comes to Chuck and Sarah, they are each other’s biggest obstacles. For the past few weeks, Sarah has made it clear that she doesn’t want Chuck to be a spy. She doesn’t like what he’s becoming, and she especially doesn’t like that he killed someone during his Red Test. Which he never really did. But I digress.

It’s understandable that Sarah likes the Chuck of old, the naive guy she first met as an accidental asset three years ago. But he explained it best when he described that version of himself as aimless. He hated himself for not knowing what to do with his life or who he wanted to spend it with. And now? He wants to be a spy and start a relationship with her. Goals!

That’s why I don’t fully understand how Sarah can date people like Shaw and Bryce Larkin (ass kicking spies in their own right), but can’t see how much Chuck aspires to become a spy and just support him. Is that too much to ask? Or maybe a part of him only wanted to become a spy because that’s what he thought Sarah wanted. Who knows?

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Of course, with Chuck’s proclamations of love, an offer to spend the rest of his life with her away from the spying, and plans to take a train down to Mexico, it seemed like they were finally on the right track (pardon the pun). It did take a little confession from Casey about the real shooter during Chuck’s Red Test, but she was on her way to the train station before Shaw intercepted her, right? That has to be a good sign.

So what’s next? How will this whole business with Shaw play out? And will Chuck and Sarah get their chance to take a train ride into the sunset? Post any theories in the comments below.

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