John Stamos was born on August 19, 1963 in Cypress, California. His inclusion in the television series General Hospital sparked the beginning of his acting career. Eventually, he joined the cast of the television series Full House. Since then, he has appeared in numerous stage productions and commercials. Aside from acting, he was actively involved with music. He even went on tour with The Beach Boys as a drummer. Moreover, he is part of the television series ER where he plays Tony Gates. Tony Gates was a paramedic who got fired while trying to assist a young kidnapped victim. While assisting the victim, he meets Dr. Neela Rasgotra and develops a friendship with her. Later, they work together in the field. As the plot thickens, Gates becomes injured due to a building explosion and Dr. Neela is forced to perform surgery on him. john-stamos-3.jpg

Kris De Leon

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