Fringe just has a few more episodes. And, according to series star John Noble, they’re going to be good.

Noble talked to reporters during a conference call on Thursday. While the actor didn’t exactly give a lot away, he did give some clues as to what fans could expect from the final three episodes of Fringe.

Basically, we should look for a lot of high drama, cross-universe destruction and other assorted craziness. Business as usual for Fringe, just more of it.

Although there weren’t too many direct clues from Noble, there were a few tidbits:

Walternate will be causing serious trouble.
The semi-evil alternate-universe version of Walter Bishop has been gunning for our world for awhile. Now, it seems like he will get his chance to wreak havoc. According to John Noble: “[Walternate] finds a way to activate his machine. As a result of which, our world starts to break down.”

Does this method have anything to do with Fauxlivia and Peter’s baby? Does he figure something else out? No clue, but there’s definitely something coming.

The 6:02 time is very, very important.
Something happens at that time. Knowing Fringe, it will be earth-shattering. Literally.

Could there be another Walter?
After playing Walter and Walternate, in both the past and the present, it seems that John Noble will have yet another acting challenge ahead of him. When speaking of his multiple parts, the actor said, “There’s a variation that you see in the finale.”

Another universe? Another flashback? A side to one of the personalities not yet seen? Intriguing…

It’ll be rough, but probably things will work out.
Since the universe needs to right itself, it’s a safe bet that all of the insane happenings in the last three episodes of this season of Fringe will lead to some new equilibrium. The ride to get to that calm place will not, however, be easy. Noble noted, “Through some awfully precarious events, the world will find balance.”

But that balance may not be so easy on the characters, since Noble added, “We finish in a very dramatic place.”

Want more about Fringe‘s final episodes of the season? FOX released plot synopses of the remaining episodes:

Friday, April 29: “The Last Sam Weiss”
Olivia must trust the mysterious Sam Weiss (guest star Kevin Corrigan) when she joins forces with him in a desperate race against time.

Friday, May 6: “The Day We Died”
As the thrilling third season propels to a climactic close, questions will be answered as Peter (Joshua Jackson) confronts his destiny and a beloved team member meets an untimely demise.

What do you think will happen on Fringe? Who is going to die? Leave your comments and theories below!

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