How that Justin Bieber has stolen all the tween girls from the Jonas Brothers, the pop star siblings are branching out into acting. After the success of the Camp Rock films and their own Disney Channel series (for which both Nick and Joe Jonas are nominated for a Kids Choice Award this year), these two Jonii are both trying their hand at guest starring on other shows. Meanwhile, Kevin is stuck being married, so his career and life are effectively over.

Over the summer Joe Jonas guest starred on Hot in Cleveland and last night, Nick Jonas appeared on the new ABC comedy Mr. Sunshine. But which Jonas brother gave the better performance? Let’s take a closer look.

First, it should be noted that both brothers took a shot at the Biebs. Joe Jonas was surprised that Betty White’s character was a fan of Justin Bieber (“I love her,” she said). And Nick played a pop star (or rather, rock star) on Mr. Sunshine with the hit song “Baby No Baby.”

While Joe Jonas was mildly amusing as the son of Valerie Bertinelli’s character on Hot in Cleveland and his career was certainly helped by sharing the screen with Betty White, his character was a little flat. Also, his recent appearance as a guest judge on Top Chef wasn’t a total success since cheftestant Dale Talde had no idea who he was and assumed he was a pastry chef, the biggest insult Dale could think of.

Nick, on the other hand, was convincing and very snarky as a controlling rock star and he was also willing to take jabs at his family.

First, there was this gem of a line: “Here’s the problem: I wasn’t parented properly and I’m very rich. That’s a brutal combination.” Luckily for him, he probably can’t get grounded anymore.

Also, his character on Mr. Sunshine demanded that Matthew Perry’s character find him a box set of the first season of Brothers and Sisters. While this might just be ABC synergy at work, I suspect there was a hidden meaning. Joe Jonas was originally cast as a young Tommy Walker on the show for a guest appearance, but didn’t due to a scheduling conflict. I can only assume that the Brothers and Sisters request was a dig at Joe’s inability to guest star on a major network.

For that as well as the fact that Nick Jonas was convincingly douche and obnoxious, I give him the edge. Sorry Joe, but your little brother outshines you again.

Check out clips from both Joe and Nick to compare.

Hot in Cleveland
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