Although the cast and crew of Jericho are extremely grateful to fans who helped resurrect the series from its May cancellation, returning with only seven episodes for the new season has meant having to sacrifice some storylines in favor of the core plot.  Series actress Sprague Grayden, who plays Heather Lisinki, said fans should not expect the show’s second season to provide more back stories for the characters, including hers.

“As far as I know in the second season, the plan was always to give more back story to Heather.  But because our second season is so short, nobody is getting more back story,”  Grayden told UnderGroundOnline.  “The only people who are getting more are necessary to the plot, like Jake [Skeet Ulrich].”

The 27-year-old actress, however, said that her character will be seeing more action in the upcoming season of Jericho, as she gets more involved in the major storyline.

“Heather is so much more involved in the overall storyline than she ever was before,” she said.  “In that way, I think the fans will be thrilled, but there’s only so much you can do with seven [episodes].”
Sprague Grayden also said that while she doesn’t think a romantic relationship between Jake and Heather is “ever out of the cards,” the new season is more about “Heather standing on her own two feet and becoming a woman.”

When asked how her character came out of New Bern alive, Grayden refused to give any details, saying she and everyone involved with the show have been ordered to keep mum about the new season.

“We’re not even allowed to throw away our pages,” she said with a laugh.  “We have to go to work and get them shredded.”

She was, however, very generous when it came to praising Jericho‘s fans, who rallied together in a unique campaign that ultimately convinced CBS to give the show another chance.

“We’re completely indebted to them,” she told UGO.  “We’re part of something that people have chosen to believe in.  There’s such a responsibility that comes with that…  For me, I’ve never ever seen a reaction to a character I’ve played like the reaction to Heather.  It feels amazing, but I’m so indebted and have such respect, and humbled and… it’s rad.  It’s really an awesome trip to be on.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: UGO
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