Jennifer Coolidge was born on August 28, 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts. Best known as a comedy actress, she attended Norwell High School and Emerson College in Boston before taking on numerous supporting roles throughout different TV series, such as Seinfeld, Friends, Sex and the City, Frasier, and the Friends spin-off Joey. Jennifer Coolidge has also played supporting parts in mostly comedic films, such as Stifler’s mom in the American Pie movie series, the manicurist in Legally Blonde, Hillary Duff’s stepmother in A Cinderella Story, and Aunt Fanny in Robots.

Bobbie Morganstern is played by Jennifer Coolidge in the Friends spin-off sitcom Joey. Said to be the 12th most powerful woman in Hollywood, Bobbie is Joey’s agent who’s constantly oversexed and has a disturbing fondness for Joey’s nephew Michael. She amuses herself by forcing her office assistant to do funny tricks, or by occasionally shocking herself with a stun-gun. She tends to laugh at anyone’s expense, including Joey’s, and is a highly aggressive and brazen woman with an occasional tendency to be a ditz.

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