Sorry ladies, but it looks like BOTH Supernatural men are now off the market.  A short while after Jensen Ackles announced his engagement to One Tree Hill star Danneel Harris, it’s now being reported that Jared Padalecki is also engaged…to former co-star Genevieve Cortese.

That’s right, Sam and the second Ruby are getting hitched.  I guess those sexy blood-drinking scenes were more than just acting.

There is no confirmed wedding date, but it seems like both Jensen and Jared will have a lot more in common with both of their upcoming nuptials.

Fans will certainly remember Genevieve Cortese as the replacement Ruby from season 4 who seduced Sam into drinking demon blood, leading him to turn against his own brother.  Fans will also remember applauding when she was finally killed off in the season finale, “Lucifer Rising.”

Cortese can now be seen on ABC’s FlashForward where she plays the soldier daughter of recovering alcoholic Aaron Stark.  Cortese will be 29 this Friday, January 8.

So now w can take bets: who will get married first, Jensen or Jared?  And will the fact that both men are settling down mean that Supernatural really will come to an end after this season?  Only time will tell.

Supernatural returns with new episodes January 21.

Source: EOnline
(Image courtesy of the CW)

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