Jana Kramer’s Dancing with the Stars season 23 premiere dance with partner Gleb Savchenko was pretty steamy. It turns out though that it was also costly. Us Weekly is reporting that Jana Kramer was injured during the season 23 premiere. Luckily according to the actress/singer’s own Instagram it shouldn’t impact her stay on the show too much. 

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Jana let most of her fans know of her recovery (and her injury) on her Instagram account. Kramer posted a photo of herself with partner Gleb saying, “Getting ready for week 2 … (for those of you asking. I strained my rib muscles but I’m a tough cookie and I’m gonna fight through it. Thanks for the love!!!)”

Getting ready for week 2 with @glebsavchenkoofficial @dancingabc #dwts (for those of you asking. I strained my rib muscles but I’m a tough cookie and I’m gonna fight through it. Thanks for the love!!! )

A photo posted by Jana Kramer (@kramergirl) on Sep 15, 2016 at 11:19am PDT

Dancing with the Stars confirmed that the injury occurred during the season 23 premiere during Jana and Gleb’s Vietnamese Waltz that got the attention of the judges and the audience. Most of the judges were concerned about the lack of content in the waltz and intrigued by the intense chemistry Jana had with her partner Gleb. Apparently the chemistry was a little too intense if Jana strained her rib muscles. 

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Strained rib muscles are hardly the worst injury Dancing with the Stars has ever seen. They likely won’t even effect Jana’s dancing in any meaningful way, especially this early in the season. The only thing that should be anticipated is that Jana and Gleb might not be quite so hot and heavy in week 2 as they were in week 1. 

But what do you think? Are you surprised that Jana was injured in her dance with Gleb? What did you think of their Vietnamese Waltz? Will it change the way the two dance from now on?

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