We’re one week away from the finale of Big Brother 18 and tonight we learn which three HGs will battle it out for the win. After Victor was evicted, Paul became the new HoH, ensuring his spot in the Final 3. But the nominations, Power of Veto and live eviction will decide whether Nicole, Corey or James follows in the footsteps of Johnny Mac and Beastmode Cowboy out the door in fourth place.

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BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 18 live blog!

Paul’s HoH and Nominations

Paul’s HoH celebration leads to tears of joy. He’s overcome with emotion because getting to the end has been very hard for him since he was a target from the beginning. Nicole knows that Paul would be crazy not to nominate Nicorey. James just hopes Paul will stay loyal to him. Dude, he doesn’t have a choice and the PoV is all that matters.

Paul nominates Nicole and Corey.

His speech is about how they’re the power couple in the house and nominating them is the only decision that makes sense. Nicole acts pissed that she didn’t make it through the whole season without being nominated. Corey busts her chops about messing up the HoH competition. It’s quite entertaining watching these guys tease Nicole, because she makes it so easy.

The Explosive Jury House

Bring! It! On! The jury house is filled with tension with Zaulie on one side while Da’Vonne, Bridgette and Michelle are on the other. Meech painted Snacole!

Paulie is shocked that they voted out a non-threat. Watching the footage, he loves Victor’s passion. Natalie knew she was the main target and the rest of the jury doesn’t understand it. Natalie insists that she would’ve used the Power of Veto on James, and Meech brings up Paulie not using it on his girl.

This causes a big fight, with Paulie upset that the girls are freezing out Zakiyah for running back to him. Da’Vonne calls him arrogant and says he only talks down to women, not men. Da’Vonne and Paulie get into each others’ faces. It’s fierce, but then Paulie brings up her daughter and it explodes! Da’Vonne goes OFF on this punk-ass bitch. Da’Vonne and Bridgette are both disgusted that Zakiyah ran back to him and he’s making her look like an idiot.

It gets extremely heated and Da’Vonne is very angry that Paulie is a disrespectful a-hole and that her friend Zakiyah is with him. Zakiyah defends herself and her decision to be with Paulie. This is as ugly as I’ve seen a jury get.

Da’Vonne has decided to completely disconnect from Zaulie, as has everyone else. Later, Victor joins the tense jury house too, which disappoints them because they want him to win. The whole jury seems to love Victor, so he might heal them.

Victor informs the jury of the Final 4 alliance with Nicorey. Da’Vonne gives credit to Nicole for playing one hell of a game and she seems upset that she’s going to have to give her the money. Paulie seems to think Nicole, Corey and James have all played well, but we don’t hear anything about what the jury thinks of Paul.

The Final Power of Veto Competition

It’s a baseball-themed competition where the HGs must remember what day an event happened on. They must run around bases, hitting triggers on the ground to add days to their counters. The last person to finish in each round gets an out. Three outs and you’re done.

Paul hates baseball and numbers while Corey is in heaven. Each HG gets a funny team name: Pelicans for Paul, Pranksters for James, Reindeer for Corey and Coconuts for Nicole.

Round 1: James gets an out!
Round 2: James gets another out!
Round 3: James gets his third out!

James is out because he had no strategy and didn’t bother studying the days during his 90+ days in the house.

Round 4: Nicole gets an out!
Round 5: Corey gets an out!
Round 6: Nicole gets another out!

Paul is going SO fast and dominating every round. Nicole thinks about it first before running.

Round 7: Nicole gets a third out!

Nicole is out! It’s down to Paul and Corey. They’re both doing very well. Corey is much faster around the bases, but Paul is more accurate.

Round 8: Corey gets another out!
Round 9: Paul gets an out!
Round 10: Paul gets another out!

Paul and Corey both have two outs, so it all comes down to Round 11. This is exciting. Corey goes as fast as he can, but doesn’t look at the counter and gets it wrong the first time. Paul takes his time and does much better.

Round 11: Corey gets his third out1

Paul wins the Power of Veto!

Corey is very depressed, but he has no one but himself to blame for not checking his work. James is happy because, even though he SUCKED and was out right away, he’s going to survive.

The Live Eviction

Needless to say, Paul does NOT use the Power of Veto. It’s down to Nicole and Corey, with James casting the sole vote to evict.

Corey says he’s as prepared for this speech as James was for the Days competition. FUNNY! Then he kisses Nicole so he can say he reached first base with her. Nicole goes on and on about how beautiful and perfect Corey is.

James votes to evict…Corey

Corey is evicted 1-0!

It’s interesting that James says he has to do it so Paul or him have a chance to sit in the Final 2 chairs. Maybe he’s really taking Paul to the end. Corey’s strategy was to lay low and team up with the vets. Corey says he and Nicole will be best friends for a long time, but doesn’t commit to any future romance.

The Big Brother 18 finale airs Wednesday, September 21 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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