Big Brother 18 is almost at its end and it’s time to start making serious predictions about who could win it all. While fans have their own theories, hopes and wishes for the Big Brother 18 finale, they are not alone. In a recent interview with EW, Big Brother host Julie Chen got in on the speculation action, naming the one houseguest from the final three who she thinks will win it all. 

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Who Won Part 1 of the Final HoH? >>> Julie didn’t just open up about who she thinks will walk away as the victor. She also talked about the explosive (and downright nasty) fight that happened between Paulie and Da’Vonne in the jury house. 

“That fight was hard to watch and breathe at the same time,” Julie explains.”Those two are like oil and water. Paulie knows how to push Da’Vonne’s buttons. He becomes so immature and is like the little brother who knows how to get under your skin and push you to the edge. But Da’Vonne was taking some low blows too about his height. Also immature. I think Day also hates seeing Zakiyah, who she felt close to and protective of, with her archenemy.”

On a more strategic note, Julie thinks that James made a huge mistake getting rid of Corey at the Final Four. “I think James made a mistake not keeping Corey.” Julie said. “Chances are Corey would have taken him to the final two, and I think the only person James had a chance of beating in the final two (should he make it) is Corey.”

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So if James is out, who does Julie think will win Big Brother 18? The answer is pretty simple. “Paul, I think, is in the best spot to win. He is good at comps, especially mental ones and memory ones. And by my calculations he wins against either Nicole or James if he makes it to the final two,” Julie explained.

She continued, “James has not shown himself to be good at comps this year. He’s been only good at endurance comps this year and it will take more than that to be the final HoH. Nicole has proven to be able to win comps this year, and if she wins final HoH, I don’t think she would beat Paul in a final two situation. And again, if she were to choose James as her final two, she is not a shoe-in to win. All the way around, I think Paul stands the best chance to win it all.”

But what do you think? Is Julie right about the final three of Big Brother 18? Do you think Paul has the best chance to win? Or does Nicole or James have a better shot? Who do you want to win?

The two-part season finale of Big Brother 18 will air Friday at 8pm and Thursday at 9:30pm on CBS. 

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