With OTA and NTA spending much of the episode in an annoying standoff, it might be hard to determine an actual hero for Arrow in “Collision Course.” Heroism, however, is required. Which of the squabbling vigilantes gets the title?


If you’re looking for a real hero in this episode, Felicity may be your best bet. She starts off the episode by finding out who stole all of Star City’s money. Later, the tech genius figures out that the NTA losers bugged Oliver when they couldn’t find Laurel on their own. Felicity even stands in the way of a freaking bullet to stop Rene’s advance.

Also, Felicity makes cookies! In an episode like “Collision Course,” cookies may just be the deciding factor.

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No matter what, Oliver is always good at shooting arrows. He does this as well as ever in “Collision Course.” Mayor Queen taking responsibility for failing Star City is kind of heroic too (especially when you consider what happens to people who “fail this city.”) 


Curtis gets to use his best superhero skill — his inventive intellect — to create a new toy that can create other-Earth holograms. That is pretty cool. It could even be heroic. But then Curtis messes with Diggle’s implant, causing him significant pain. Evil moves like that pretty much negate all positive actions.

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Grieving daddy Lance is pretty much willing to do anything to save his pseudo daughter. This is pretty brave, considering she is kind of psycho on her own and has trained vigilantes gunning for her. On the other hand, Lance selfishly hides Laurel, even though he knows that Star City is going broke.

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