In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “You Are Not Your Own,” the hunt for Azazel commences as Magnus tries to convince Alec, Jace and the institute that he and Valentine have switched bodies. While the team races to save Magnus from Valentine’s fate, Sebastian enters the fray, helping Clary unblock her rune magic.

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The Hunt for Azazel is On 

Valentine and Magnus are getting used to each other’s skin — quite literally. However, Azazel uses Valentine’s precarious position to try and get the mortal cup from him, to no avail. Leading the hunt against the greater demon are Alec and Jace, with the full support of the institute behind them. Isabelle, still weaning herself off her addiction and in the supportive arms of Sebastian, aims to return to the institute but, this time, bringing her newfound healer along with her. He quickly becomes integral to the hunt, as he has extensive knowledge on the greater demons — Azazel specifically — to such an extent that he knows how to kill Azazel.

Alec turns to Magnus for help in tracking down the demon. Unbeknownst to him, his boyfriend is possessed with Valentine’s soul. Sensing something is off, Alec goes to check in on Magnus, coming face to face with Azazel and killing him with an arrow to the chest, trapping Valentine in Magnus’ body and vice versa. While Valentine is in the real world, using Magnus’ power for his own nefarious reasons, Magnus is stuck, being tortured by the institute with not one soul trying to find him.  

Clary and Jace are still getting used to the idea that they are no longer siblings, being monitored and studied by the head of the institute as to the angelic blood coursing through their veins. But during the demonstration, it becomes clearer and clearer that their feelings for one another have not subsided. Another thing that becomes clear is that Clary still isn’t able to fully use her powers as a result of Azazel’s attack. While tracing her arm with her stele, Sebastian finds her in the garden, imploring her to lean into her emotions to allow her to access her magic.

That is, until Alec goes down to interrogate Valentine himself, only to be met with the memories of Magnus’ relationship with him, memories that only Magnus would know, including their first kiss. Alec brings this information to Jace, but Jace is certain that it’s only Valentine playing a mind game on Alec. Unable to convince anyone of the truth, Magnus is sentenced to death inside of Valentine’s body. The Clave turns down the Inquisitor’s request for death, but she takes it upon herself to go to whatever means necessary to get the answers out of Valentine.

While Magnus hangs on by a thread, Jace heads over to Magnus’ apartment and is taken captive by Valentine, realizing that what Alec said is true. The truth comes to light, with Valentine bartering his freedom for Jace’s freedom, but not before illuminating the fact that Jace is a Herondale, the Inquisitor’s grandson.

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Alec and Jace Finally Realize Who is Who

Valentine and Magnus come together so that Magnus can use his magic to fix the body swap, while Clary works on a portal to them both that would allow her, Alec and Sebastian to arrive just in the nick of time, but Clary still can’t make her runes work. Sebastian forces Clary to face her pain — to realize she has no family left, that she is alone in life — and the deep trauma lets her activate her special ability just as Magnus and Valentine successfully jump back into their respective bodies. Clary tackles him right back through the portal and gets Valentine back into the hands of the institute.  

After the whole body swapping and Azazel debacle, Sebastian tries to take advantage of his new surroundings by asking Clary out on a date, adding another suitor to Clary’s arsenal. Jace and the Inquisitor share a bonding moment, with the latter bestowing a family ring upon Jace, giving him the family connection and birthright he’s been searching for for so long. 

Did you feel for Magnus when no one would listen to him? Are you happy that we got a little more of Jace’s heritage? And what do you think about Sebastian and Clary’s relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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