Now that Blair has been taken care of (at least for now), the Stitchers team gets back to work in this episode. A woman is found dead in her boyfriend’s pool, and it’s up to them to figure out what she was hiding and if the boyfriend’s father was involved in her murder.

Also in “For Love or Money,” Cameron realizes that he and Kirsten may need to have a talk (but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for this new relationship), Camille meets the new ME working with the program, Linus wants to get closer to Ivy and, in her new position, Maggie has a decision to make at work. In other words, it’s an episode filled with questions of trust and canoodling.

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Pool Sex and Secret Phones

The victim is Sabine, whose boyfriend, Nick, found her dead in their pool. But murder isn’t the only thing that went down there, as Kirsten sees in Sabine’s romantic, sweet and very sexy memories with Nick. (However, as Tim informs everyone, pool sex is “completely overrated.”) However, thanks to a memory hotspot that Kirsten describes as foggy, they learn that Sabine was providing inside information about Nick’s father to someone via a secret phone.

Victor’s company just landed a huge contract with the Russian military, and it’s possible that he was involved in her death. Due to his paranoia after multiple attempts on his life, he never leaves Russia. Did he hire someone? Does his son, the only person he trusts, know something? Nick didn’t know about the secret phone that Sabine had, but that’s all he’ll tell them. And he’s already planning to head to Russia because even though he’s a suspect in a murder investigation, his father has the connections to make that happen.

While Kirsten and Cameron do find the secret phone, thanks to clues from the stitch, none of the unlock codes she remembers work. They do have a possible motive for Sabine to spy on her boyfriend’s father: her family was broke. Was she killed for something she didn’t want to do? And what was she doing with a bag of cocaine?

Despite Maggie insisting that they can’t trust Ivy because she’s Stinger’s daughter, Ivy says she’s not still working with him, and Linus trusts her to help him crack the code on the phone. That just leads to the body of the man, Jack, that Sabine was reporting to, meaning another stitch for Kirsten. The stitch confirms an insider trading scam and reveals that another man, Bulldog, got wind of it and wanted him to get Sabine to plant drugs on Nick. She refused. Jack was killed.

Planting the drugs on Nick would have gotten him detained, which killing Sabine and making him a person of interest accomplished as well. Detaining Nick was the only way for Bulldog to get Victor to come to LA so he could kill him. He’d also have to hire local security since he couldn’t bring his own protection, and like Linus, Kirsten too turns to Ivy for help with their investigation since she worked in banking and can navigate the international banking system to figure out the company Victor hired. While Camille sides with Linus and Kirsten, Cameron doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Maggie agrees to let her help but tells Ivy to leave after she successfully finds them the information. The team arrives at the firm’s headquarters in time to stop Bulldog from killing Victor. He was targeted by a competitor in the Russian steel business who lost out on the military contract and thought killing him would reopen negotiations.

Bar and School Meetings

The investigation in this episode also provides excuses for Linus and Camille to grow close(r) to new people in their lives. Early in the episode, Linus approaches Maggie about Ivy, but while she may have helped him find out about his father, Maggie just doesn’t trust her. That doesn’t stop him from going to Ivy at her work and, after she says she’s not still working with her father, asking her out. Though he ends up having to work, he goes to get a rain check in person and mentions that he has a code to crack, leading to her commenting that she loves codes and him trusting her to help.

Meanwhile, Maggie sends Camille to meet with the new ME about DNA results, and since Amanda can’t rush them — she got the rundown of the program, and if she puts a rush on the order, people will ask why — she writes her number down on Camille’s hand. (Because where’s the fun in just texting it to her?) Step one — light flirtation leading to Camille smiling afterwards — complete.

And when Amanda gets the DNA results, she has Camille meet her at the bar where she DJs. Sure, Amanda could have told her over the phone, but then Camille wouldn’t be there drinking with her.

But while Camille may be having fun with Amanda — it takes her a moment to trust people — she tells Linus after he comments on the “telephonic flirtation” he overhears. Everyone deserves to be trusted until proven otherwise, he argues.

In their line of work, however, that might not be the best advice. And it backfires for Camille when she cites it as a reason why the team should trust Ivy to help with their case. With Maggie taking on Blair’s duties, she’s going to have to be in Washington occasionally, meaning she needs someone to take on her responsibilities in the lab then — and she picks Cameron.

Camille’s obviously disappointed, but Maggie reminds her that their first job is to protect the team and “everyone deserves to be trusted until proven otherwise” can get people killed. Camille then goes to meet Amanda at the bar again and kisses her.

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Good Talk? Good Talk.

Kirsten and Cameron may have kissed and may be together, but Camille advises him to be careful. After all, Kirsten is a virgin emotionally, and this is her first real relationship where she’s connected and available.

And with that, Cameron is both a “good scientist” and “a worried boyfriend” with Kirsten. He confirmed with video that he didn’t say, “You can’t help me,” which means there are three possible explanations: Stinger said it, her days in the stitch affected her or she imagined it. He wants to run tests, but she just wants to keep stitching so they can perfect the tech. His concerns only grow after she reports that things are a bit foggy in Sabine’s stitch. “Everything I do is because I care about you deeply,” he assures her near the end of the episode. He needs to make sure stitching is safe for her.

As for the personal side of their relationship, Cameron points out that they have to figure out what this being her first real emotionally connected relationship — borrowing words from Camille — means for them. She realizes that when he invited her to dinner earlier to talk about them, he meant having the “how we feel about each other” talk. And while she’s never had it, he has, and it’s horrible.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be horrible for them. In fact, instead of having the talk over dinner after their work is done, Kirsten brings him with her when she goes to visit her mother. “Good talk,” he says.

How do you think Stitchers is handling Kirsten and Cameron’s relationship so far? Do you want to see more of Linus with Ivy, and Camille with Amanda? And do you think Maggie was right in choosing Cameron over Camille? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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