It’s getting increasingly hard to root for Nick Viall on The Bachelor. Though there was never any consideration that Nick was actually going to quit the show after his tearful breakdown in week 6, there was hope that it would be a turning point. Nick would finally begin to take things seriously, dump Corrine and maybe there would be a bit of real romantic spark between him and the final women. Only two of these things kind of happened. Corrine is still around, Nick seems just as clueless as ever and now really only Vanessa seems anywhere close to a real romantic option and even that’s pretty shaky. But if you look closely at Nick’s eliminations from week 7, things aren’t as dire as they might seem.

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The Inevitable Coming Early

It’s true that Corinne has LONG overstayed her welcome on The Bachelor. Corrine is probably the sole reason that no one feels very confident in Nick’s judgment as a Bachelor because she continues to be on the show. In reality, though, given how long Corrine has survived, she really does need to get to hometowns. After all the talk about her nanny Raquel, it would be cruel and unusual punishment for The Bachelor to not introduce the poor woman fully. There is also the morbid curiosity of seeing what kind of monsters birthed and raised Corinne. We deserve to see how Corinne came into being. 

When you remove Corinne from the situation, however, Nick’s “shocking” eliminations in week 7 weren’t actually that bad. In fact, he made the right choice with both ladies. There was never any real shot that Kristina or Danielle M. were really going to end up with Nick. Whether they were “too good” for Nick or not, and they kind of were, is irrelevant. Neither lady had much in the way of chemistry with Nick and that is what matters. 


From their very first date, Nick and Danielle M. were super awkward together. Nick, of course, made out with her a bunch because his lips are magnetically attracted to every female in his line of sight. The two never talked about anything substantial. Danielle was probably the sweetest person to ever appear on The Bachelor franchise but there was no spark between her and Nick. Danielle stayed on the show as long as she did because Nick didn’t want to cut the girl with the dead fiance before the number of ladies got down to single digits. 

A similar thing occurred with Kristina. While Nick seemed to like Kristina more than Danielle, pampered Nick has absolutely nothing in common with the girl who had to eat lipstick in Russia to survive as a young child. Kristina deserves to have an Oscar bait movie made based on her life not be a reality TV bride. (And hopefully she never goes on Bachelor in Paradise either because evidently The Chad from The Bachelorette is interested.)

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It does seem laughably superficial that Nick has kept Corinne over actually decent human beings like Danielle and Kristina. Danielle and Kristina are just as poor marriage material for Nick as Corinne. It’s also very clear that Nick would like to experience Corinne’s “platinum” body parts under the “right” and Bachelor sanctioned (AKA Fantasy Suites) circumstances. Whether that happens or not, Corinne has always had much more potential in getting to the Fantasy Suites than most of the other women. Even if Nick’s urge for Corinne is pretty creepy, she’s been open about being available. To do the same thing to Kristina and Danielle, who were emotionally invested, would be cruel. 

There Can Only Be One

As pathetic as Nick seems now, he is probably in a better situation than most Bachelors. We know that his relationship with Rachel is utterly hopeless. She will be moving onto much greener and more starring role pastures on The Bachelorette. The pickings in Nick’s final four are even slimmer than usual with Rachel’s announcement. Nick only is going to continue one relationship. Even though Vanessa kind of disappeared after her second one-on-one date with Nick (seriously she was in none of the footage when the girls were back at the house) she does seem the best suited for Nick. 


Nick really isn’t headed into the final circumstances of most Bachelors where he is going to be equally torn between two women. This will not be a repeat of Ben Higgins where he told two women he loved them. (Nick being reluctant to tell Vanessa he loved her in week 7 is obviously a reaction to the backlash Ben received in his season.) Nick is clearly very interested in Vanessa. Unless Vanessa decides to quit and remove herself from the competition, she will almost definitely get the ring at the end. 

If we’re being honest there is probably not a lot of hope that Vanessa and Nick will make it down the aisle but there should at least be a “happy ending” with a couple at the close of season 21. If Vanessa does end up quitting, the season might as well be cancelled because Raven is far too young to be get engaged and Corinne is randy dumpster fire of a human being. Fans still might get Nick bending down on one knee by the season’s end. 

So what do you think? Is Nick hopeless? Do you want to see him end up with Vanessa? Does Nick deserve to end up with Vanessa? Are you secretly hoping to meet Raquel in Corinne’s hometown date? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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