It’s a case of she said/he said for former lovers Melissa Rycroft and Jason Mesnick, who recently revealed shocking details about their infamous breakup as part of his new book. Unfortunately, Mesnick’s claims opened up some old wounds for Rycroft, who is now sharing her version of the story.

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During an interview on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast, Rycroft revealed that though her relationship with Mesnick was already on the rocks before the After the Final Rose special, they were still very much together and that she just realized later on that the tension in their relationship came from his lingering feelings for runner-up Molly Malaney.

“To say that we went into that After the Final Rose in an absolutely perfect place is a lie,” Rycroft said. “[But] had we completely severed ties and broken up? No!” 

Rycroft, who had no idea Malaney would be the reason for her split from Mesnick, thought their appearance on After the Final Rose would serve as a platform to work out their strained relationship. 

“I wasn’t expecting him to be like, ‘Oh, yeah, peace out. I have feelings for Molly, I’ve been talking to her and I’ve been seeing her,'” Rycroft disclosed. “That was when I was humiliated. You could have at least warned a chick before he walked out here. We talked minutes before I went out on that stage, and he never said anything.” 

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According to Mesnick, part of his agreement with the producers is not telling Rycroft about his feelings for Malaney– something he regrets until now.

“Melissa and I had had so many conversations and I could never say anything bad about her. She is a very sweet person. We had broken up before all that, but the only thing they had asked me not to do was not to mention anything about Molly. And so I didn’t do that. I never told Melissa about my feelings about Molly. Melissa and I were just getting to know each other. It had only been a few weeks since we were done filming–about six weeks. If I would have listened to my gut and my heart I would have never listened to any producer,” Mesnick explained.

Mesnick chose Rycroft over runner-up Malaney on the finale of The Bachelor season 13. The pair got engaged but broke up after several weeks on the  After the Final Rose special, where Mesnick dumped Rycroft to be with Malaney. Despite the rehashing of her painful past, Rycroft says happy now that she’s married to Tye Strickland with three kids.

“[Jason and I] have both moved on, and there is no other place in my life that I would rather be other than where I am,” she said.

Who do you believe? 

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