While there are many hilarious and scary things about The Bachelor‘s most talked-about contestant on season 21, Corinne Olympios, perhaps the funniest is the fact that this 24-year-old still has a nanny. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Nick Viall talked about that and more in defense of Corinne. Find out what the bachelor had to say below.

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Earlier on this season of The Bachelor, contestant Taylor Nolan confronted Corinne about her immaturity, something that seems to be a general consensus among the other contestants. Taylor told Corinne that she was too “emotionally immature” for this, or any, relationship. Nick takes issue with that.

“I think a general rule of thumb is that I don’t think anyone is in any position to tell someone whether they’re ready for a relationship outside the two people in that relationship,’ he said. “If I decide that I don’t think it’s the right fit, well, I’m part of that relationship so I have a right to make that judgment, and so does Corinne.”

Nick gets a little defensive of Corinne and especially against the opinions shared by people about their relationship. He doesn’t think his relationship with Corinne is anyone’s business or for them to judge (though to be fair, he did put it up on a nationally televised reality show.)

“I think when other people start saying: ‘Well, I don’t think you guys are right [for each other],’ you know, that’s not really [their] business,” he added. “It’s irrelevant.”

But now to the real hard-hitting questions we need answers to — what is the deal with Corinne’s nanny, Raquel?

Bachelor corinne raquel.gif “From what I gathered … Raquel is someone who has worked for [Corinne’s] family,” he said. “Quite honestly, her family has been through some things and Raquel has played a very positive role. Corinne, not taking herself too seriously, has fun with the word ‘nanny’ and then people run wild with it.” He also added, “I think probably in fairness to both Corinne and Raquel, maybe ‘nanny’ is not the most accurate description of the role she plays.”

Whatever you say, Nick …

What are your thoughts on Corinne and her nanny situation? Share them with us in the comments below!

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