Jughead’s life is certainly getting more complicated as Riverdale returns for season 2. His relationship with Betty might be solid (for now) but his living situation is much more up in the air. At the end of the season one, Jughead was seen accepting a jacket and a place in the Southside Serpents.

“Jughead is placed with one foot on the north side and one foot on the south side in a brewing civil war,” Cole Sprouse told us at San Diego Comic Con. “His life is forcing his actions into a certain kind of narrative. It’s forcing him to realize that he can’t make everyone happy. And he’s going to lose a lot and he’s going to gain a lot.”

This version of Jughead is very different than many of his comic book incarnations over the years. For his part, Sprouse seems to be well aware of Jughead’s long history in the Archie comics and the many changes he’s undergone from adaptation to adaptation. 

“Jughead has gone through a lot of different iterations over 75 years of Archie comics. He started as a woman hater, which is probably something that wouldn’t really fly politically anymore. He was like “I hate women!” Misogyny Jughead is probably not the narrative for now,” Sprouse joked.

One classic Jughead attribute we might see more of in Riverdale season 2 is Jughead’s legendary appetite. In the comics, Jughead is almost always seen with a burger in hand. According to Sprouse, this nonstop eating was a little harder to translate to screen in the show’s first season, but will become more of plot point in season 2.

“Jughead’s eating is obviously one of the most crucial aspects of the comics but it’s also so comical that it had the chance to break the fourth wall,” Sprouse said. “We get to see a lot more of the eating in season 2, but he’s also so homeless and has no source of income so his eating has been informed by his ability to get his hands on food. Now there’s a background to put in place.” 

It seems poor Jughead’s life is only going to get more complicated as Riverdale itself gets darker and more twisted in the show’s second season. Hopefully he has time to enjoy a few burgers along the way. 

Watch the full interview with Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa below: 

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