In this episode of Outlander, titled “Of Lost Things,” Claire, Brianna and Roger try to figure out what happened to Jamie following Culloden, and Jamie adjusts to his new life in England. 

It’s 1968 in Scotland, and Roger and Brianna are helping Claire track down Jamie. Roger has determined that time is passing for Jamie in the past at the same rate as it is for Claire in the present, which means they have to establish that Jamie is alive two decades following the Battle of Culloden. Claire discovers Jamie’s name on Ardsmuir’s annual rolls for the years 1753-1755. They discover that the prison closed in 1756. The question is, where did Jamie go after he left Ardsmuir?

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Life at Helwater

Jamie is working at the estate of Lord Dunsany (Rupert Vansittart) in Helwater, England. Major Grey warned Jamie that Dunsany hated Jacobites, having lost his own son, Gordon, at the Battle of Prestonpans. But Grey vouched for Jamie, stating that he was a man of honor, having spared his life, and Dunsany respects men who fight for their cause. As far as he’s concerned, the Highlanders were defeated, and the quarrel between the English and Scottish are done. Dunsany does warn Jamie that Lady Dunsany (Beth Goddard) does not feel the same way; she carries a great hatred for any Jacobite, having never recovered from her son’s passing. Jamie agrees that the pain of losing a child never leaves you, and he confesses to losing two children himself.

Lord Dunsany decides to tell his wife that Jamie is simply a groom who comes highly recommended by Major Grey. Jamie will receive a small stipend, but Dunsany reminds Jamie that he is a prisoner, and he shouldn’t forget it.

Lord Dunsany also has two daughters, Geneva (Hannah James) and Isobel (Tanya Reynolds). Isobel is rather plain but kind while Geneva has a more difficult disposition. (She’s a bitch.) Geneva is so distasteful — she refers to Jamie as a “useless Scotchman” — that the groomsmen draw straws to see which poor sap will be forced to accompany her on her daily rides.  

Isobel questions Jamie over how long he worked for John Grey. Isobel has a crush on Major Grey, finding him to be a “rare and interesting” person. She’s confident he’ll make someone a good husband, and it’s obvious that she’s hoping it will be her. Knowing that Major Grey prefers men, Jamie warns Isobel that the Major’s passion lies in soldiering (or laying with soldiers). Isobel doesn’t take the hint, stating that Grey’s passion to King and country is one of the things she admires most about him.

Torn Between the Past and Present

Claire receives a call from Joe Abernathy. He wonders when Claire plans to return, but she keeps her plans vague. Abernathy informs Claire that a patient of hers is in need of surgery, and she reassures him that he’ll do just fine. Abernathy isn’t concerned about his ability to do the job, but he is surprised that Claire doesn’t insist on doing the procedure herself. She doesn’t offer any explanation for her prolonged absence and asks Abernathy to let her know how the surgery goes. It seems Claire’s passion for Jamie outweighs her dedication to her career and life in the US.

Geneva Blackmails Jamie

In 1857, Lord Dunsany arranges for Geneva to be married to Lord Ellesmere (James Cameron Stewart), who is very rich but much older and physically unappealing. Ellesmere is thrilled with the match, but Geneva can barely mask her disdain for her husband-to-be. Jamie isn’t the only prisoner in the Dunsany household. It’s also becoming obvious that Geneva has eyes for Jamie.

This is confirmed when she requests that Jamie accompany on her ride, forfeiting the groomsmen’s luck of the draw. Geneva is curious what Jamie thinks of her intended husband, and although he says it’s not his place to comment, she insists. Jamie tells Geneva that Ellesmere appears to be fond of her. Geneva responds that Ellesmere’s most attractive quality is his wealth and then questions what Jamie finds attractive. He insists he doesn’t think of such things.

Jamie wants to turn back before it gets dark, but Geneva isn’t finished with her ride or her attempts at flirtation. She takes off, and Jamie hears a scream from up ahead. When he comes across Geneva, she’s on the ground and appears to be unconscious. Jamie picks her up, and Geneva begins to giggle, and Jamie drops her in the mud and heads back to the stable, leaving a shocked Geneva behind. Her shock gives way to laughter, and she tells Jamie that she looks forward to their next ride. 

Major Grey arrives to check on Jamie, who is surprised by Grey’s dedication to his well-being. As the two play chess, they are interrupted by Major Grey’s brother, Colonel Melton, who is surprised to see Jamie. Melton learns that his brother recommended Jamie to Lord Dunsany, but he keeps up the ruse, presumably for Major Grey’s sake. 

Geneva seeks out Jamie. She’s going to marry Ellesmere in three days and finds that marrying a man old enough to be her grandfather is a vile arrangement. Geneva makes Jamie an indecent proposal: she wants him to sleep with her prior to her marriage. Geneva is determined not to let some old goat rob her of her virginity. (Everywhere Jamie goes, somebody wants to sleep with him. It’s unfortunate that the feelings are not reciprocated.)

Jamie refuses Geneva’s request, but she’s dug up the dirt on Jamie. Finding it strange that Major Grey would spend so much time with a lowly groomsman, she learned the truth about Jamie’s past from Lord Melton after coaxing it out of him with many, many drinks. Geneva reminds Jamie that her mother would be very displeased to learn there was a notorious Jacobite soldier in the family’s employ. Geneva is certain that Lady Dunsany would have Jamie’s parole revoked and make sure he was incarcerated.

And just in case Jamie were to run home to Lallybroch, Geneva is certain there would be English soldiers waiting, and his return would be bad news for his family as well. Jamie is left with no choice but to give in to her request.

Things are a bit frosty at first since Geneva lured him to her bed through threats and intimidation, but while Geneva talks a good game, she’s frightened at the prospect of being with a man for the first time. Jamie insists that they don’t have to go through with it, but Geneva wants her first time to be with someone like Jamie (hot and experienced). Jamie is surprisingly tender, and maybe it’s because he feels sorry for her or seeing her vulnerable makes her more attractive. Plus, Jamie hasn’t had sex in four years, and Geneva is both female and easy on the eyes.

Afterwards, Geneva declares her love for Jamie, and he has to try and explain to her the difference between love and lust: anybody can have sex, but love is when you give your heart and soul to another, and they give theirs in return.

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Claire Receives an Old Gift and Jamie Gets a New One

Many months later, Geneva and Ellesmere return to Helwater, and Jamie is shocked to learn that Geneva is pregnant. And from the look she gives him, it seems the baby is likely his.

In Scotland, Mrs. Graham’s granddaughter, Fiona, gives Claire a gift. It is the strand of pearls Jamie gave Claire on their wedding night. Claire had given them to Mrs. Graham soon after her return in an attempt to put Jamie behind her. 

Brianna has good news for her mother. She and Roger learned that the National Archives has the most extensive collection of ship manifests in the country. All they have to do is hop a train to Edinburgh to continue their research. 

Later, Brianna admits to Roger that she’s a terrible person. Ever since Claire told her about Jamie, the wall between them has started to come down. And the closer they get to finding Jamie, Brianna’s fear of losing her mother intensifies. Brianna is worried something will happen to Claire when she returns to the past or, even worse, Claire won’t return at all. Roger admits that he must be a terrible person too because when they find Jamie, Brianna will return to Boston. The two kiss, but both seem surprised and hesitant to discuss the implications.

Roger, Brianna and Claire have no luck in finding the ship manifests they’re looking for. Roger and Brianna aren’t ready to give up, but Claire is growing wary of chasing a ghost and decides it’s time to go home. 

All hell breaks loose at Helwater. Isobel tells Jamie he must accompany them to Ellesmere. Geneva is in labor, and she’s not doing well. 

Geneva gives birth to a healthy boy, but she dies due to complications. Isobel confronts Jamie. Ellesmere knows the baby isn’t his, and so does Isobel. Geneva confided in her sister that she had never shared a bed with her husband. Isobel is aware that Geneva slept with Jamie and that she was in love with him, but Geneva made Isobel swear she would never tell anyone.

Things quickly go from bad to worse. Ellesmere is irate that not only was his wife not a virgin, but she got pregnant with another man’s child. He has the baby in his arms and holds a knife to the infant’s throat. Dunsany defends his daughter’s honor and points a pistol at Ellesmere, and it’s up to Jamie to intervene. Jamie pleads with Dunsany to drop the weapon for the good of the baby. Dunsany hands over the pistol, and Lady Dunsany begs Ellesmere to let them take the child so he can mourn in peace. Ellesmere swears he’ll kill the bastard before he lets Dunsany have him, and just as it looks like Ellesmere will make good on the threat, Jamie shoots the man dead. 

Jamie Foregoes His Freedom

The baby returns to Helswater with the Dunsany family. Jamie encounters Isobel out strolling with the child, and she informs him that they named the child William (Willie for short). Isobel apologizes for how she treated Jamie, blaming it on anger and grief. She reassures him that none of what happened is his fault. Isobel knows Geneva was a difficult woman and appreciates how kind Jamie was to her.

Lady Dunsany arrives, and when Isobel goes to greet her mother, Jamie has a moment alone with his son. He promises Willie that he will be there for him.

Lady Dunsany has good news. The powers that be have decided that Ellesmere was distraught by his wife’s death and met his own end. (Somebody pulled some strings.) Lady Dunsany reveals that she knows Jamie was a Jacobite prisoner. She tells Jamie that her husband yields considerable power in London and can get Jamie released from his parole as a show of gratitude. But rather than go home to Scotland, Jamie decides not to for obvious reasons. He explains that he’d prefer to stay since times are tough at home and he can send money, but Lady Dunsany makes it clear that when Jamie is ready to leave, all he has to do is ask.

Years pass, and Willie grows into a handsome young boy. The bond between Willie and Jamie is strong. Lady Dunsany jokes to one of her friends that the two spend so much time together that Willie is beginning to resemble the groomsman. Jamie overhears their conversation and looks concerned. He certainly doesn’t want the Lord and Lady putting the pieces together.

Jamie decides it’s time to return to Scotland, much to Willie’s dismay. Grey arrives and learns that Jamie is leaving. The Major believes that Jamie is making the right choice. Everyone has their secrets, but Jamie’s is walking around, and it’s a pretty badly kept secret at that. It won’t be much longer before Willie even figures it out. 

Jamie asks Major Grey to look after Willie. In return, Jamie would be willing to sleep with Grey. As tempted as Grey is, admitting he’ll want Jamie until the day he dies, he can’t believe Jamie would think him capable of accepting such an offer. Anyway, Grey has news of his own. He is going to marry Isobel. Jamie’s regard for Isobel prompts him to discourage Grey, but the Major assures Jamie that there’s more to marriage than sex, and he’s genuinely fond of Isobel. This will also make it easier for Grey to care for Willie. Jamie expresses his gratitude and assures Major Grey that he’ll always have Jamie’s friendship.

Jamie and Willie say their goodbyes, and Jamie gives his son a snake he carved. It’s just like the one Jamie’s older brother carved for him.

Claire returns to Boston, giving up her hopes of ever seeing Jamie again.

Will Jamie ever be reunited with Willie? Were you shocked by the offer Jamie made Major Grey? Will Roger find evidence of Jamie’s whereabouts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below?

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