I know some of you are probably still recovering from the season 14 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, so consider this your trigger warning. Anyone who has seen even one scene of the ABC juggernaut knows it’s an emotional roller coaster on its best days, and a PTSD-inducing horror show at worst. So what was the saddest, most heartbreaking, tear-jerking moment from the season 14 premiere, “Break Down the House”?

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Although there were quite a few tense moments in this season premiere (brain tumor, anyone?) I think it’s safe to say there was one stand-out moment that had us all gasping and scrambling for the tissues.

When Riggs got down on one knee to propose to Megan, we were all wrestling with our mixed emotions. But when Meredith walked in, interrupting the moment, and then realized what she was seeing, it was too much. My heart exploded into a million pieces, and I felt myself deflating right there on my couch.

147295_9412.jpgMaybe it was Meredith’s disgustingly helpful and compassionate attitude, or the way Riggs tensed up every time they were all three in the same space, or the knowing looks Megan kept shooting Riggs and Meredith, but this scene was super emotional. Like, tough, brutally, impossibly heart-wrenchingly emotional, and I’m still trying to cope with getting punched in the chest that way.

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Grey’s is really good at tidying up loose ends, even if that means leaving a pile of shredded hearts and tattered emotions in its wake, and Megan, not Meredith, seems to be the latest victim. In the final moments of the episode (in another scene that wrenched tears from my heart) Riggs tells Meredith that Megan said no to marrying him. The reason? He’s still in love with Mer. This is all hearsay at this point, and yet unverified, but it makes the in-the-moment pain of the proposal sting a little less. For Meredith anyway.

What do you think the real reason is for Megan saying no to Riggs? Is she hiding something?

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