Even though LOST is an ABC show, CBS’ upfronts held some interesting news for fans of the island drama.  Harold Perrineau, who played Michael on LOST, was set to costar in the proposed series “Demons” about rogue priests on a road trip to destroy evil.  When it was reported that Perrineau had been approached to rejoin the cast of LOST for its fourth season, Perrineau initially declined due to his commitments to the CBS show, which at the time was still in development.  As it turns out, Demons is not being picked up by CBS.  Could this mean an announcement on Perrineau returning to LOST will be coming soon?

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evan said: If Michael and Walt are back on the island, they are going to be together so you won’t have to hear Michael…

Jackie said: Yeah, first, Michael … then, ECHO!!!! Bring him (both) back.

JayDee said: I like Harold P as an actor but I can’t stand to hear him say WALT!!! or He’s my boy/son. anymore. I would …

The plan was to bring both Perrineau and Malcom David Kelly back into the show.  This confused fans who expect Malcom David Kelly to have reached puberty by the time the fourth season begins filming.  All the producers have said is that their story line will address Walt’s aging.  It’s LOST, after all.

Perrineau busied himself working on feature projects in his downtime from LOST including the currently released 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to the don’t-call-them-zombies zombie epic 28 Days Later.  Initial comments from Perrineau with regards to returning to LOST ranged from “not interested,” to more recently “we’re trying to work something out.”

More recently, Perrineau directly placed the odds of a LOST return on the desires of the LOST producers, and the success or failure of Demons.  In an interview with MovieHole.net Harold said “…whether or not I’ll be returning to Lost. If this pilot gets picked up, who knows if we’ll see Michael again. If it doesn’t get picked up maybe they’ll see clear to having me come back which would be great.”

LOST fans who have sampled the forbidden fruit of major spoilers that recently circulated concerning the season three finale may have a very good idea of what this casting might indicate for LOST‘s otherwise nebulous future.

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