Janice Dickinson, host of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, has become a notorious reality TV icon ever since she served as a judge on America’s Next Top Model. Now, she becomes the subject of yet another controversy as she hits out at Tyra Banks.

Dickinson claims that America’s Next Top Model host, Banks, is jealous of her good looks and success, even passing judgment on her for wearing too much make-up and calling her a “piece of cake” for modeling for Victoria’s Secret lingerie chain instead of the renowned fashion magazine Vogue, just like what Dickinson did in her prime. In line with this, the self-proclaimed first supermodel calls herself “legendary” in the modeling world and that Banks is just envious of her experience.

According to Dickinson, she was fired from America’s Next Top Model after serving as a judge for four seasons. “I got fired. At first it was a trip. I believed in the show and it was fun. But after a few episodes I began getting labeled a bitch, and that got to me,” Dickinson has declared to Radar magazine. “I was just telling the truth and I was saving these girls from going out there and being told that they’re too short, too fat, their skin’s not good enough. I was to America’s Next Top Model what Simon Cowell is to American Idol.

The 52-year old former model has been replaced by British former model Twiggy. “I’d rather be an honest bitch…I made the show number one in 52 countries. And then I got the sack, and the UPN executives replaced me with Twiggy. No one in America knows who Twiggy is. There’s no way anyone could fill my shoes. There’s no way… Tyra’s no walk in the park. Tyra’s really righteous,” she adds of her TV rival.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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