While it is almost too close to call, the online gambling odds seem to weigh in favor of Melinda Doolittle being voted off American idol this week, leaving a  Blake Lewis Vs. Jordin Sparks showdown for the coveted “Idol” credentials and recording contract.  It’s no secret that best singer does not necessarily win the contest, and at this point the final three seems cut from the obligatory legitimate talent, Doolittle, the traditional secondary legitimate talent, Sparks, and the freaky guy with the ardent fan follow – and talent – Lewis.   Seeing one of the more traditionally talented singers go down to leave it a contest of uniqueness vs. the tried and true is practically poetic.
Last year’s American Idol lineup was a much tougher crowd to siphon through.  Amongst the ‘stunt’ players like Kevin Covais and Ace Young, was a large contingent of truly talented singers.  This year’s Idol crop was critically lambasted from the beginning for being general banal, with few bright spots.  It’s not that surprising that many odds makers, like Gambling911.com, were able to call the final four correctly very early on in the game.

So, just how close are the numbers for the final three?  For the winner, not close at all, but for the winner’s challenger it is a tight race indeed.  Melinda Dolittle is currently being given odds of 3.5 to 1 to win the contest.  This is in spite of the fact that in a purely musical contest, Dolittle would easily walk away with the win.

Blake Lewis is slightly better off at three to one.  Blake places it safe with his vocal chops, has tempered his phenomenal beat-boxing to an appropriate level, and is a good looking guy.  In the arena of raw singing talent, he would not stand a chance against either of his opponents.  Lewis is definitely the ‘Taylor Hicks’ of season six.

If you want to make money off a Jordin Sparks win, you will need to beat a lot of it.   Sparks is getting odds of -1.75 to 1, meaning bookies consider her more than a safe bet.  Obviously, the bookies have learned little since last year when the ‘safe bet’ Katherine McPhee got taken out by the quirky underdog Taylor Hicks.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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