The matriarch of Real Housewives of New Jersey took to the Gayle King Show to deny rumors that she is planning on leaving the show.

“Right now we’re in season 3. We’re currently filming season 4. They don’t think that far ahead. Anything could happen. So that is nothing more than a rumor.”

Joined by her ever stoically bald husband Albert, Caroline also took the opportunity to discuss some of the insults Teresa hurled in her cookbook/burn book Fabulicious!

“The comment about my heritage is nonsense. I’m American. I’m Italian by descent but I’m American,” Caroline said in defense of Teresa calling her “1/16th Italian” and “As Italian as Olive Garden.” But as for Teresa attacking her son Christopher by insulting his stripper car wash, Caroline would not stand for it.

“But my son? Why? What did he ever do to you? He’s always respected you he’s always treated you well, with kindness.”

Caroline also denied to ever really being friends with Teresa, despite the actual footage of vacations, shopping trips, and countless glasses of red wine shared over gossip that is literally available for everyone to see, because, you know, it’s been on TV.

“We were never really friends…I think Jacqueline suffered the biggest blow here. We were in the same crew and we went to dinners a lot but was there a time that I would pick up the phone and say ‘what are you doing?’ No.”

Caroline also insists that the drama does get to her and that broken friendships tend to be painful, no matter what.

“There’s no friendship and I’m not bothered by it. I come across as this big tough thing but I cry all the time… Of course my feelings get hurt I’m human.”

You could have fooled us, Caroline.

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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Gina Pusateri

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